What’s a Unicorn?

In this blog, unicorn is code for unique. A unicorn is anything that’s very unique, whether it be a unique thought, experience, life situation, or anything else. Our world is full of unicorns, but sometimes they’re hard to recognize. We love unicorns, so we need all the help we can get, spotting them and chasing them down. If you’ve caught a unicorn recently, please share it with us.

Remember, if it’s:

or otherwise unique,

it’s a unicorn.


Send your unicorn to:

No attachments, please. Check out the page, Unicorn Teleporting Pod for full instructions on how to do this. After I receive it, I’ll post it, along with a link to your blog (be sure to include the link with your email).

If no one submits anything, then I’ll share any unicorns I’ve caught, in the form of a unique post. And if I’m too lazy or lame-brained to come up with a unique post, I’ll just steal a unique quote from some famous person.

Then the fun can start. Anyone can respond to the post or quote by sharing their wacky, crazy, funny, silly, strange, weird, different, unheard-of, new, novel, or otherwise unique comment. Then everyone else can share their unique comments about the unique comment.

This will allow unicorns to generate, propagate, and multiply, like the horny creatures they love to be.

Before you know it we’ll have unicorns coming out of our asses. And we’ll be farting rainbows, too. And won’t that be a blast?

So sharpen up your skills at spotting unicorns, then lasso one of those bastards. We can’t wait to see what you catch.