What’s a Unicorn?

In this blog, a unicorn is anything that’s unique, whether it be a unique thought, experience, life situation, or anything else. I put on my safari hat and go out and catch unicorns. Then I drag them back to this blog and put them on display for you.

Then you can comment on the unicorns, with your unique thoughts, perceptions, and opinions. And in this way, I get a unicorn from you. And you can comment on other commentators’ comments. That way we all get more unicorns. And then your comment can be commented upon, by the commentators you commented upon.

You see, this blog has no limit to how many unicorns we can enjoy.

There’s no formula for catching a unicorn. That would be impossible, by the very nature of uniqueness. But if it’s:

or otherwise unique,

it’s a unicorn.

All you have to do is recognize it, in order to catch it.

If you’ve caught a unicorn lately and would like to share it, I’m willing to consider it, as a guest post. Just email me at:



Happy unicorn chasing!

Go ahead, blurt it out:

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