What’s a Unicorn?

In this blog, a unicorn is anything that’s unique, whether it be a unique thought, experience, life situation, or anything else. I put on my safari hat and go out and catch unicorns. Then I drag them back to this blog and put them on display, in the form of a post.

Then people comment, and those comments are unicorns, too. Hell everything is a unicorn. Who says unicorns don’t exist? They’re everywhere, all around us.

So my posts are unicorns, comments on my posts are unicorns, and so are comments on commenters’ comments. One unicorn begets another, and another, and another. And so goes life. We couldn’t live without unicorns to keep us constantly entertained.

The more unique something is, the more unicornish it is. I try my best to put the most unicornish of unicorns on display. But I’ll admit that some of them have floppy horns, stringy manes, and bangtail behinds. It ain’t easy hunting down and capturing these elusive creatures, and sometimes I have to settle for less than Grade A quality.

There’s no formula for catching a high-quality unicorn. That would be impossible, by the very nature of uniqueness. But if it’s . . .

or otherwise unique,

it’s probably a very fine example of a unicorn.

I hope that at least on occasion, that’s the kind of unicorn people discover on this blog.

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