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Stolen Quote: The Buck

A buck knife. “The buck stops here” originated from 19th century poker games, where players took turns dealing, to ensure an honest game. A buck knife was passed from player to player to indicate who’s turn at dealing was next. To “pass the buck” meant to waive your right to deal, and thus your responsibility for ensuring honesty. Speaking of which, these buck knives were occasionally used for different purposes, whenever an ace fell from someone’s sleeve.

“The buck stops with everybody.” ~ President Donald Trump, on 1/10/19, when asked if he accepted responsibility for the government shutdown.

Our president has abdicated and we are leaderless. If you are one of the 800,000 federal workers who won’t be paid today, or if you are one of the millions who are financially dependent on federal workers being paid, you are on your own. The president holds you and everybody else responsible for something he can fix with one stroke of a pen. Dip into your retirement savings, find a new job, get an extra credit card, or do whatever else it takes to survive.

And for everybody else: Think twice before traveling by air (air-traffic controllers and TSA agents aren’t being paid). Hire someone to taste your food before eating (USDA isn’t inspecting food during the shutdown). Bring a port-a-potty to your national park, and a clothespin for your nose (restroom facilities aren’t being maintained, and human waste is everywhere). In fact, just be very careful about doing anything.

We depend much more on the federal government than we realize. This shutdown is our responsibility, because the president has passed that responsibility to us. The buck stops with us. Let’s be more responsible than our president.