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You can also download a book and store it on your own computer. This will keep it readily available, in case nuclear war knocks out the entire internet. And you can distribute any of these books to others, under their Creative Commons license, as long as authorship is attributed to Tippy Gnu.

And if you’re the adventuresome type, you don’t have to use my Free Bookstore. Instead you can download free copies of these books at is a great website, offering a wide variety of free electronic books. All you have to do is register an account with them.

Unlike, my bookshelf is small and my offerings are meager. But I invite you to enjoy the following written works that I have authored:

Title: Conquering California
Subtitle: How America took California from Mexico
Approximate Word Length: 15,000 ww.

America has made a big deal out of illegal immigration across our southern border. But there was a time when it was the other way around. In the early 1800s, we were pouring into Mexico, causing all kinds of problems for their government.

Finally there were so many of us, we said, “To hell with it, we’re taking California.” This is the history of how that went down, from the Bear Flag Revolt to the California Campaign, during the Mexican-American War.

Conquering California first appeared as a series of posts in my blog, Chasing Unicorns, during the summer of 2019. I’ve since revised it, making a few corrections and clarifications here and there. And now you can download it in one piece, and easily and conveniently read it from start to finish.


Title: Go West or Go Weird
Subtitle: Strange Stories of the West & Weird
Approximate Word Length: 53,000 ww.

This is a book of short stories that nobody ever paid for. Well, that’s because I never submitted them for publication. And that’s because I’m lazy. But two were the result of assignments in a college Creative Writing class and English class, and I got B’s in both those classes. So that’s something, I guess.

I wrote the rest just for fun.

For more than 40 years I’ve occasionally taken time out of my life to act on inspirations, and throw together a story with a plot. Over the decades these stories have accumulated into a mountain of words. So I’ve finally decided to move this mountain, put it into print, and present it to the public.

I had fun writing every one of these stories. And I want you to have the same fun. Open the pages of this book and come on an adventure with me. Spend a few hours traveling 40 years through time, and discover the things that have inspired me over the course of my life.

I think you’ll enjoy the journey. But if not, hey, at least this book is free.

Title: Pumping Up Piglipple
Subtitle: Seek Unique and Find happiness with this Handy Little Guide to Doing Nothing.
Approximate Word Length: 33,000 ww.

Tired of wearing a fake, shitty smile on your face to keep people off your back who tell you to “Have a nice day”? Then this book is for you. Learn to flush your fake, shitty smile right down the toilet, and find real happiness. You’ll find there’s nothing to it. It’s as easy as doing nothing.

Pumping Up Piglipple was written before I invented the word Unikonics, or penned the book of the same name. It was inspired by my earlier book, The Logic of Life and Death, which contains a chapter introducing the philosophy of uniqueness and happiness (Chapter 4). Pumping Up Piglipple explicates and expands upon this philosophy. I also crack a few jokes and try to be a wise guy.



Title: The Birth of Tippy Gnu
Subtitle: My Adventures In and Out of the Womb
Approximate Word Length: 13,000 ww.

My ego got very excited when I started to write my autobiography. But then I decided to only cover the time period from conception to just after my birth, and exclude everything that happened after that. Sorry ego, but I’m not about to let you bore my few readers with all the lowlights of a long, dreary life.

If you want to know about me, Tippy Gnu, all you have to know is how I was conceived and carried in the womb. That’s where the foundation was laid, after my mom was laid by my dad.

This short tale converges the science of gestation with the spirit of human life, to produce an end product: me. It provides the reader with an alternative viewpoint on the Other Side, how I and everyone else got from there to This Side, and what life on This Side is all about.

Title: The Logic of Life and Death
Subtitle: How to live your life by resolving the Deep Mysteries of the here and hereafter
Approximate Word Length: 52,000 ww.

The best way to live your life can only be known when you have the best possible understanding of life. And the best way to prepare for death is when you have the best possible understanding of death.

But there are Deep Mysteries to life and death that are metaphysical. And because they’re metaphysical, science can’t solve these mysteries. Religion tries to solve them, but religious teachings tend to be contradictory, illogical, and rely upon fear and blind faith to maintain followers.

But we do have logic. Logic is our best bet for cracking open the Deep Mysteries, and finding answers that can help us in the here and now. The Logic of Life and Death uses a method I call Logical and Practical Assumption, to answer questions such as: What is Life? How is Life Created? Is There Life After Death? and What Is The Other Side Like?

You can discover the best way to live your life when you’re able to satisfactorily answer such questions. And the Logic of Life and Death helps you to find those answers.

Title: Unikonics
Subtitle: A Unique Guide to Getting the Most Life Out of Life.
Approximate Word Length: 18,000 ww.

Unikonics is derived from the word unique. It’s a philosophy about life and change, and how the most unique changes can help us to get the most life out of life. Unikonics teaches the meaning of life, redefines life, and also redefines death. And it illuminates escape routes away from death.

It may only take you a few hours to consume this short book. And in that time, you’ll learn the four guiding principles of Unikonics, with each principle helping you to understand the Unikonics concept from a different perspective. This understanding can help you find ways to get the most life out of life.