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Revenge through plumbing — Updated

Today I thought we’d take a break from all my history crap, with a look at some other crap. This is a reblog of a post from the hilarious, though vile and vulgar, blog. He originally posted this article about a sewer fountain in Arizona, a year ago. But today he has provided us with an update that could be helpful while planning a summer vacation . . .

Kieran's Bullshit Humor

There is a town outside Phoenix founded on shit and piss.  If you can’t stand the people who put the orange Putin Puppet in power, you should go there on July 1.

Usually people put the sewage plant far out of town. Not Fountain Hills, Az. There was no natural reason for this town to exist. So they put the sewey plant 700 yards from “downtown,” poured a concrete “piss pond”, and hooked up 3 massive diesel pumps.

They blasted their own sewer water 600 ft in the air to create America’s tallest fountain. 600,000 people a year come from all over the world to see the fountain ejaculate strained shit for 15 minutes every hour on the hour. It’s fucking impressive.

The piss pond is in the middle of “downtown” and they named the town after the Fountain.

They built expensive custom homes in gated communities, and Republicans from…

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