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Don’t Mistreat Iguanas!

My wife horse-collared me when I was trying to slip past her, and now I have a chore to do. In the interests of staying out of trouble, let me introduce you to her new blog, Chasing Tippy, by reblogging her latest post.

Chasing Tippy

The iguana I saved from a mean drunk.

Never mistreat an iguana. They seem to think it’s okay in the Florida Keys.

We were having a peaceful lunch enjoying this iguana, until some drunk came out and decided to mistreat it. I told my husband I knew he was going to mistreat that iguana, as I watched him from the top story of the restaurant. The drunk went over and picked him up by the tail and started swinging him. I am 5 foot tall and weigh 190, and an old lady, but I stood up and stuck my head out the window and screamed at him: “STOP IT!!!!!”

I was ready to go down and knock the shit out of him.

He looked up and didn’t know what to do, so he put the iguana down. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at me. The server came over and…

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