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Lewis Black Reads the Jeffrey Dahmer Joke

One of my blogging buddies, Kieran, at Kieran’s Bullshit Humor, is sort of friends with the comedian Lewis Black. This is as close as I’ve ever been to celebrity, and I want to bask in Kieran’s reflected glory. Here’s a reblog of a recent post, of Lewis Black reading some of Kieran’s funny lines.

Kieran's Bullshit Humor

If I was smart, I would have gone to Las Vegas on Sunday.  On Saturday, I hit the fucking Rant is Due lottery — Lewis Black read another of my little stories.

I’ve sent in a couple of hundred entries.  This is the 4th story he has read. It’s the second one about growing up in Akron, Ohio.

That’s about a 2 percent success rate.  If I was a baseball player, I’d be hitting .020.

The audience in Cleveland seemed to get the joke:

Here’s the transcript of what I actually typed.  You can tell it’s all in the delivery — the lines Lewis improvised got the most laughs.

The Script

“Just 12 miles south of here is Bath, Ohio.

13-year old kids in Bath go to Revere Middle School. 40 years ago, it was affectionately known as “Reefer Junior High”.

Reefer Junior High had an incredibly famous…

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Not your typical Back-to-School Ad!

I love to steal from my blogging buddies. It gives my lame brain a chance to relax.

This is actually a very serious post, contributed by Carolyn, at joyroses13. We’ve agreed that it would be nice to see this on TV. We can’t do that ourselves, but at least we can post it on our blogs.

Nuggets of Gold

Different ideas were going around in my head this morning for a post, but nothing was quite feeling right. Then I came across this short but powerful clip and knew I had my post. It was put together by a group from Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is the school that had a school shooting in 2012  which took the lives of 20  little children and 8 adults! Warning. this video will NOT leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling! I’m sorry.

Is this the new America now, where every day school supplies have now become something much more! Will this be how America stays?

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