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Rigged? Who Cares?

I’ve heard that a little squabble arose over last year’s presidential election. Some claimed that Biden was the benefactor of widespread election fraud. But others claimed that there is absolutely no evidence of such election fraud, and that this is dangerous, fake news, that must be suppressed from all social media platforms.

Apparently, both sides were calling each other liars, and became slightly hysterical about it. Not only that, but one side staged a protest at the U.S. Capitol building. I wonder how that went over.

These fancy crates containing Electoral College certificates were spirited away from the Capitol, to a secure place, by quick-thinking congressional staffers when the Capitol was overrun on January 6th.

The protesters alleged that various state governors unilaterally changed the election rules in their states, without the consent of their state legislatures, and that this is unconstitutional. They argued that the changes made voter fraud much easier to commit, and claimed that such fraud did occur, on a large scale. And they claimed that Trump would have won the election by a landslide if this fraud had not occurred.

In other words, Trump and his supporters believe the election was rigged. This is concerning. Whether one likes Trump or not, most citizens don’t want to see anyone winning or losing an election due to fraud. So I put on my super-sleuth hat and investigated this matter. I wanted to know if Joe Biden is our legitimate, constitutionally elected president, or if Trump actually won a second term.

I found everything I needed by turning to our U.S. Constitution. Article II, Section 1, Clause 2, establishes the procedure by which electors to the Electoral College are chosen. It reads as follows:

Each state shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct [emphasis added], a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress . . .

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 2

Notice that this is in regard to how electors are chosen, and not how elections are run. This seems to mean that state legislatures determine the manner for choosing the electors that cast votes for president and vice-president, in the Electoral College.

And because this rule is in the Constitution, no federal law, state law, governor’s decree, judge’s ruling, or anything else, can interfere with whatever way the state legislatures direct, when choosing electors. Hell, they can flip a coin, spin the bottle, or play one-potato-two-potato. Whatever way they choose is what goes.

In fact in the early days of our Republic, there was no popular vote for president, in most states. Only five states used a popular vote of any kind, to influence the choice of electors, when George Washington was first elected. And that was a sparse tally, because the general rule was that only white, male landowners could vote.

Choosing electors without a popular vote was perfectly legal under the U.S. Constitution. And in fact, it can still be done this way. And that’s because the Constitution allows state legislatures to use any manner they want, for choosing presidential electors (see quote of Constitution, above).

Today, just about anyone age 18 or over can vote. But that doesn’t mean the state legislatures have to go along with the way they vote. They can thumb their noses at the apparent will of the people, and choose whatever electors they want. It’s their call, under the U.S. Constitution.

If you want to get real technical about it, the popular vote in any given state means nothing. What matters is whether or not the state legislature wants to go along with the popular vote. Because ultimately, it’s the state legislatures that choose the electors. The popular vote is strictly advisory.

So let’s assume there really was widespread election fraud in our last election. And let’s assume that it’s not even debatable, and that everyone agrees there is plenty of evidence to prove this fraud. Still, it wouldn’t matter. If the election was rigged and there was no doubt or debate about it, who cares? What matters is how the state legislatures decided to choose their electors. And that’s all that matters.

And every state legislature across America chose to certify their election results, based upon their respective popular vote tallies, even in the face of many, many election fraud allegations. They could have decided not to certify. Or they could have ignored the election results and certified their own winner. Hell they could have said, “Screw Trump and Biden,” and chosen electors for me, Tippy Gnu.

They could have decided that their governors thoroughly fucked up the elections by making unilateral changes to how the elections were conducted, and used this as an excuse to disregard the election results. But they didn’t. For better or for worse, they decided to go along with their governors.

Therefore, Joe Biden is our legitimate president, whether or not the election was rigged, or stolen, or otherwise fucked up beyond recognition.

So the next time you hear a Trump supporter claim the election was rigged, you can save yourself from an endless argument and go ahead and agree. It doesn’t matter. Who cares? The U.S. Constitution is the law of our land, and under the Constitution, Trump lost.

Two Stolen Quotes: Lunacy

All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected. ~ Donald Trump

When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. ~ Joe Biden

We have an election coming up. Vote wisely. And, Happy Halloween!


Democrats and Republicans in Washington don’t like to compromise anymore. But when they did, this is how it often went:

Democrats like more spending and more taxes. Republicans like less spending and less taxes. The compromise: More spending and less taxes.

But that was okay because economists say that the more the government spends, the more the economy gets stimulated. And they also say that the less the rich are taxed, the more they trickle down upon us in the form of jobs.

I say they ought to start compromising again, and increase spending to about 100 trillion dollars a year, while reducing everyone’s taxes down to 1%. This will cause our economy to explode at warp speed, with astronomical profits for gazillionaires everywhere. And then the gazillionaires will trickle down a torrent upon the heads of the poverty-stricken.

How could anyone lose with a compromise like that?

A Dozen Reasons to Be a Moderate

A moderate is like a rainbow, with views that include the entire spectrum of politics.

I’m not sure if I’m a liberal, conservative, or moderate. But my best guess is that I’m a moderate. My political views run the spectrum from left to right, but they tend to settle in the middle.

For instance, I’m for all the government programs anyone could ever want (liberal). But only as long as the budget is balanced (moderate). And I’m for all the tax cuts anyone could ever want (conservative). But again, only as long as the budget is balanced (moderate).

I’m for legalizing almost everything, including all the vices, such as prostitution, drugs, and gambling (liberal). But I’m also for a strong police force, to enforce those laws where those other than oneself could be harmed (conservative).

Those on the left and right like to put down us moderates. They claim we don’t stand for anything, we’re fence-sitters, and cowards. And they tell us we’re dull and uninspiring.

But I think they just want us to take a position on their side.

I’ll admit we may be all the things extremists accuse us of being. But I like being moderate. It’s like being a rose between two thorns. I vote moderate, and encourage others to do the same, because just like extremists, I try to convert people over to my side. Which is in-between both sides. So what follows are a dozen good reasons to be a moderate.

If you’re an extremist, or thinking of becoming one, please consider carefully the following benefits of being a moderate, then climb down off that limb you’re sitting on, and join me under this safe tree.

Twelve Good Reasons to Be a Moderate

  1. It’s fun to be a contrarian, rather than like everyone else, who is either on the left or the right.
  2. It avoids arguments, because nobody cares about your wishy-washy opinion.
  3. It’s safer for those of us who have a heart condition.
  4. It’s easy to answer pushy pollsters, by just telling them you’re undecided.
  5. You can avoid having the nutty neighbors that those on the left and right have to endure.
  6. According to the Buddha, the Middle Way is the way to Nirvana.
  7. You’re free to examine both sides of any issue.
  8. You can change your mind a lot.
  9. You can curse liberals one day, while praising conservatives, then curse conservatives the next day, while praising liberals.
  10. You can sell your vote to the highest bidder.
  11. You’re capable of compromise.
  12. You generally get what you want. Which is more of the same.
  13. You can choose candidates by flipping a coin. Which seems to work as well as anything else.

I know, I know, that was 13 reasons, not 12. But there was one that I couldn’t decide whether to include or throw out. Sigh, I’m such a moderate.

The Pros and Cons of Dicks

A dick pic. Benito Mussolini.

This post is about dictators. But the word dictators is polysyllabic and awkward to frequently pronounce, so I’m shortening it to dicks.

I’ve heard talk about President Trump trying to become a dick. How naive. He already is a dick.

Our form of government enables him to be a dick. The U.S. government is structured to be part dictatorship and part democracy. The president of the United States wields enormous power under our laws, that are somewhat dictatorial. That’s any president, and not just Trump.

America’s dick is limited in scope. He doesn’t have total power, because Congress and the Supreme Court can keep him partially in check. And most importantly, he can be held accountable by the people. He can be voted out of office after his first term, and he’s limited to only two terms. So he can only be a partial potentate, and cannot engorge himself with full dick powers.

Some worry that Trump is trying to rig our election system to get reelected, and may also try to get around his term limits. If he succeeds then he would rise to the fullest of dick statures. And when I consider that 90% of Republicans support Trump no matter what he does, I can only conclude that millions of Americans want our country to be ruled by a complete dick.

I don’t knock Republicans for this. I’ve heard good things about dicks. There are pros and cons to everything, and an argument can be made for having a total dick in the Oval Office.

On the other hand, I think we need to know what we’re getting ourselves into on this road we’re traveling down. So lets explore the pros and cons of dicks.


  • Pro #1: Dicks are fun and thrilling. They’re often witty, charming, and charismatic. Their winsome personalities mesmerize their followers, who then stroke their dicks with lavish praise. This leads to blind shows of support, and allows their dicks to rise in power, and stand erect with pride before the adoring masses.
  • Pro #2: Dicks get ‘er done. Nobody can oppose the stiff determination of a dick. This allows them to zip along with their policies, and fly past the judicial and legislative constraints that inhibit democracies.
  • Pro #3: Dicks fight crime. They can order judges to come down hard on criminal defendants, and disregard their uppity demands for rights, during trials. It’s only natural that when a dick stands up to crime, the penal system swells with the “bad blood” of society.
  • Pro #4: Dicks eliminate corruption. Conduct like bribery and influence peddling, that are illegal in democracies, are made legal by dicks. And because they are legal, they cannot be exposed as corrupt.
  • Pro #5: Dicks bring experience to government. Cabinet heads who are willing to suck up to the dick that appointed them can keep their posts for a long time. And after decades of dick service, they come to an intimate understanding of their jobs.
  • Pro #6: Dicks have stable governments. They often remain in office for dozens of years. Once a dick penetrates the highest office of the land, its hard to make him pull out.


  • Con #1: The primary goal of dicks is to thrust themselves into power and keep thrusting. Dicks will do anything to become dicks and remain dicks, no matter how much they screw up the country, and no matter how often they fuck people over.
  • Con #2: Dicks fight wannabe dicks. There can be only one dick in place at a time, and that one dick is always on the lookout for dissenters and challengers. Anyone with the balls to display even the slightest sign of uprising will be quickly kicked down with violent force.
  • Con #3: Dicks spread the disease of hatred. They infect the citizens they’re screwing over, with fear and bigotry toward groups of innocent people, such as minorities. They blame these groups for everyone’s problems and, with orgiastic frenzy, direct campaigns of domination and sadistic violence against them.
  • Con #4: Dicks are bad for international relationships. Leaders of nations that support human rights see how dicks are raping their own nations and robbing their own people of dignity. So they push the dicks aside and won’t play with them. The only leaders that will play with dicks, are other dicks. But even then these relationships are untrustworthy and tenuous, because after all, these dicks are dicks, and dicks will always behave like dicks.
  • Con #5: Dicks are bad for the economy. When they first come to power they inject the economy with a steamy mix of excitement and confidence, and the Gross Domestic Product grows bigger and bigger. But economic miscarriages of justice ensue. Only a tiny class of very rich people is born, while everyone else gets pissed on. When people realize this, they lose their enthusiasm to be productive, abort their efforts, and the economy collapses.
  • Con #6: Dicks die. No matter how big and powerful a dick grows, eventually he will shrivel up and die. Initially this may bring relief to those being fucked until raw and bleeding. But citizens become dependent upon their dicks to maintain order. The power vacuum that ensues when a dick dies can lead to a period of chaos, until a new dick rises and inserts himself into position.

This could be our last President’s Day if Trump is reelected. That’s a pro, since President’s Day is the most boring holiday on the calendar. After this we’ll have Dick’s Day instead. Dick’s Day can be very exciting, though less and less for me, the older I get.

If you agree more with the pros than the cons of having a total dick in office, or worry more about the cons than the pros, then check out my countdown calendar in the sidebar. Meanwhile, have a happy, final President’s Day!

Holding Trump’s Balls

Last year on December 17th, I predicted that Trump would be impeached and gone by the end of 2019. How stupid of me.

Senate Majority Turtle, Mitch McConnell.

Trying to predict politics is like trying to augur the outcome of a grasshopper race. But at least I was partly right, because Trump was impeached exactly one year and one day after my post. However I didn’t predict that our Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, would promise a quick acquittal for our Gaslighter-in-Chief.

The grasshopper jumped backward.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

And now the grasshopper has jumped another odd direction. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate, until she’s sure Trump will receive a fair trial.

Pundits and politicians from both parties have puzzled over this move. Some worry that Americans will lose interest in impeachment, the longer the trial is delayed. Some claim she has no leverage. And some taunt her by saying she’s too scared to send the articles over.

But I think it’s an act of genius. Hanging onto the articles could make the grasshopper jump in any of these four directions:

  1. It could allow Mitch and Nancy to move legislation and pass laws. Mitch has said that he won’t put his large backlog of bills before the Senate unless he knows the president will sign them. Well Mitch, now you have some leverage. Either the president promises to sign some bills, or you make a deal with Nancy. It’s ironic. The most partisan impeachment in history has potential for the most bipartisan legislation in history.
  2. It might lead Republican senators who are up for re-election next year, to vote for conviction. Right now they’re caught in a bind. If they vote to convict, they’ll lose their primaries, even when it would help them in the general election. But if the trial is held after they’ve already won their primaries, they’ll only have the general election to worry about.
  3. It allows time to force more evidence before the trial occurs. The fight for subpoenaed documents and witnesses might be resolved by the Supreme Court before the Senate trial occurs. This might pile more damning evidence upon the current mountain of evidence against Trump.
  4. But most importantly, I think, holding this Sword of Damocles over Trump’s head could motivate him to be a good little boy. He’s pissed off Republicans before, but never while at their mercy during an impeachment trial. Now he might think twice before going off half-cocked and doing things that jeopardize our national security or our economic stability.

So keep dangling that sword, Nancy. Or how about this metaphor? The two articles of impeachment you’re hanging onto are like Trump’s balls. Don’t let go. Make the son-of-a-bitch sweat until perhaps this summer. How about a Senate trial during the Republican National Convention, for instance?

His balls are in your court Nancy. Put the squeeze on hard before you give them a whack toward the Senate’s court.

In a way, perhaps I was right about Trump being gone by the end of 2019. For while he will still occupy the White House into 2020, maybe he won’t be the same Trump we’ve known. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll turn into someone unrecognizable:

A mild-mannered man with no balls.

Trump Burns Flag on Fifth Avenue

New York City, New York (FakeNoozNetwork) — Donald Trump is famously quoted as bragging, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s like incredible.”

He’s been widely criticized for this brag, and yet it seems like it could be true. For all his shenanigans, double-dealing and diablerie, his job approval rating has remained remarkably stable throughout his presidency, at 40% to 44%.

In fact even now, in the middle of the Ukraine scandal, where he faces near-certain impeachment, polling data from Real Clear Politics has his approval at a hair under 43% (as of 10/15/19).

He may have sold America out for political dirt, but that’s different from murder. Murder is a whole different ballgame. He hasn’t shot anyone yet, so his brag hasn’t truly been tested.

Recently, Trump was taunted by his personal attorney. Not Giuliani. Bill Barr. Barr and Trump were enjoying a friendly beer and Diet Coke, when Barr brought up the fact that Trump hasn’t shot anyone yet. And he inferred that maybe he was too chicken. Barr teasingly goaded Trump, claiming that the president really did worry how voters would react if he were to actually shoot someone on Fifth Avenue.

Trump responded that he was too nice of a guy to shoot anyone. In fact, there was never anyone nicer than himself. He also pointed out that the bone spurs in his feet might make it difficult for him to aim accurately.

But because Trump is a master at the art of the deal, he had to make a counteroffer. So he told his attorney that instead of shooting someone, he would do something else outrageous. He would burn the American flag on that popular and busy street. And he predicted that it would not cost him any voters.

Last night the president followed through. He held a campaign rally on Fifth Avenue, in New York City. And in the middle of the festivities, he waved an American flag in the air. Then, before a clapping, whistling, cheering, audience, he struck a match and set fire to Old Glory.

The crowd removed their red MAGA caps, out of respect for the flag, and chanted, “Make America Great Again!” as the Stars and Stripes disintegrated to ashes before their eyes.

It’s too early to know the effect this flag-burning will have on Trump’s job approval rating, but we can gain some idea from street interviews of Trump supporters, who were asked to comment on this event.

Gertrude Polk, from Kikmesine, Oklahoma, explained, “Trump was purifying the flag with fire, but I suppose the liberal, elite media will spin this to try to make him look unpatriotic.”

Hemo Quismery, from Shideater, Michigan, proclaimed, “He had his reasons. He’s the president, and possesses unmatched wisdom. Nobody sees the big picture better than him, so nobody should question him. I support whatever he does.”

And Philo Floothfield, from Nozepixer, Mississippi, defended Trump. “Dis heah is fake, fuggin’ nooz. But even if he done diddit, ah support him all da way. Trump’s dun mo’ fo’ ‘Merica dan eeny of ewe commies, an’ ewe ought ta be ‘shamed a yurselves fur evah doutin’ him. Amen.”

Critics have expressed concern that many Americans will follow Trump’s example and start burning American flags, themselves. And they worry that soon we won’t have any American flags left.

But that’s okay. Russia has been anticipating this exigency, and has filled a giant warehouse with its own flags, that it has offered to donate to us.

Latest word is that Trump is considering accepting this donation.


Send Her Back

I hate politics, so I’ll try to keep this short.

“Send Her Back” is racist, fascist, and fucking frightening, in my opinion. Yet at a Trump rally yesterday in North Carolina, throngs of white Trump supporters chanted this, while Trump stood silently for 13 seconds, allowing this chant to build to crescendo. Trump is lying when he says he discouraged this, and “spoke quickly” when it began. He stood silently for 13 seconds. It’s all in the video.

I once thought white supremacists comprised just a tiny fraction of nuts in the American population. How wrong I was. Apparently there’s a lot of ‘em out there. And with Trump’s recent overt and blatant racist statements, I cannot help but suspect that anyone who continues to support Trump is a fucking white supremacist racist.

And right now, that’s at least 35% of our population.

I don’t like it. This is scary shit.

Could this become our new flag?

What will be next? A revival of the KKK? A legitimizing of the Neo-Nazi party?

Where the hell is all this leading to?

Let’s hope it leads to the Republican Party rejecting and abandoning Trump. And let’s hope it leads to Trump’s removal from office just as soon as possible. And let’s hope our country will quickly heal from these most recent wounds in our race relationships.

Hope. That seems to be all we have left, anymore.

Nazi Hunter Seeks Stone Certificate

I was surfing the computernet, when I ran across this curious news story:

Berlin (IP) – Nazi hunter Dreck Yeger, famed for bringing war criminals Dummkopf Scheisse and Hasslich Hintern to justice, has set his eyes on a new target. In a press briefing in front of the Holocaust Memorial on Sunday’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yeger announced he is seeking the birth certificate of embattled adviser to Trump, Roger Stone.

Yeger unveiled a shocking theory to a stunned crowd of reporters and admirers that hypothesizes Roger Stone might actually be the offspring of Nazi Germany propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.

The intrepid Nazi hunter believes Goebbels did not die from suicide, as we have read in history books, but actually fled Nazi Germany during the last days of the war, and found refuge in Argentina.

According to Yeger, Goebbels and his wife murdered their children with cyanide, in Hitler’s bunker. Of course we all know this. But then, states Yeger, instead of committing suicide with his wife, as history tells us, he shot her, and then shot a man who looked like him. Or perhaps it was a ferret. He then fled the country, leaving authorities to believe he was actually dead.

When he settled in Argentina, he assumed the surname of “Stone” and started a new life and new family. And in 1952, his son Roger was born, according to Yeger.

Yeger next described a family trip to Mexico, where they sneaked across the U.S. border by climbing over a wall. Or perhaps a steel fence.

“Growing up in the U.S.A.,” alleged Yeger, “Roger was closely mentored by his dad, Joe, and from him developed a keen interest in politics. Especially the politics of propaganda.”

At age 20, he dropped out of college and went to work for the 1972 re-election campaign of his idol, Richard Nixon. He seemed a natural, and after the campaign was recruited by other political candidates, such as Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, to assist with their messaging.

Yeger claims Stone has been instrumental in many dirty political tricks since 1972, that hauntingly remind us of his alleged dad, Joseph Goebbels. These tricks have involved oft-repeated barefaced lies, race-baiting, and whistling at dogs. We suspect Yeger meant “dog whistles”, but lost something in the translation.

And now Yeger wants to see Stone’s birth certificate.

“Is he really a natural born U.S. citizen?” Yeger muttered with a heavy tone of suspicion, “or was he born in Argentina? Let’s see the birth certificate.”

Then Yeger held up photos of Goebbels and Stone, side-by-side, and pointed to what he claims to be a strong family resemblance.

Yeger challenged, “Examine these two faces carefully. Notice how they both resemble the face of a ferret? Long head, beady eyes, narrow nose, thin lips. And then there is the behavior of a ferret, and the personality of a ferret. How can these two not be related?”


It’s a good question. Check out the photos and decide for yourself. But to really know for sure, maybe Dreck Yeger is right. We must see the birth certificate.

This has been real, fake news. Satire. Nuh-uh, didn’t really happen.

2019: The End is Near!

If you hate politics as much as me, you’re gonna love this political post. I predict that the end is near!

My prediction for the year 2019 is that at some blessed moment, on some blessed day of next year, Donald Trump will leave office and no longer be our president. He will either be impeached and convicted, or he will resign.

But that’s not the end I’m prophesying. I’m prognosticating that within a few months after Trump leaves office, you’ll be able to tune into any cable news channel and watch for at least ten minutes without hearing the T-word.

Yes, the dreaded T-word is on the way out. No more Trump this, Trump that, Trump all the time, 24/7. And many news anchors and reporters will be laid off, because the T-word seems to be the extent of their vocabulary.

Finally we’ll be able to watch news covering other subjects besides our beloved president. And I do mean beloved, because we do so love to hate him.

Here’s why I think Trump is soon to be history. It’s all in the math:

Last month the Republicans got their red asses whipped by the Democrats, in the mid-terms. They lost at least 40 seats in the House of Representatives, to the Dems, and thus lost control of the House. And their bowels. And their bladders.

Yes, they did gain two Senate seats, as Trump is quick to crow, but conditions were very favorable for them in the Senate this election cycle. 26 Democratic senate seats were up for reelection, but only 9 Republican seats. The Republicans should have picked up a lot more than just two seats. And if Trump hadn’t been out campaigning so hard for them, they probably would have.

In the next election, Senate prospects will be far less favorable for the Republicans, because they will be defending 22 seats, while the Dems will try to keep their asses planted in just 12.

Right now, Republican senators must be shitting a brick every time they think about the upcoming 2020 elections. Donald Trump is highly unpopular in America. And with each new scandal, and each new revelation from the many investigations, his popularity treads on thinner and thinner ice. The elections of 2020 will likely be a massacre for the GOP in the Senate if something isn’t done about Trump, now.

Impeachment is a two step process. The House of Representatives does the impeaching. A simple majority of 218 votes is required to impeach. And there will be at least 235 Democrats sharpening their knives in the House next year. So the votes are there. Let the stabbing begin.

But Step 2 requires the Senate to do the convicting and removing. After the House votes for impeachment, Trump will be put on trial in the Senate. After the trial, two-thirds of the Senate will have to vote to convict and evict Trump from the White House. That means 67 out of our 100 senators will have to vote against Trump, on at least one of the many expected counts of impeachment.

Next year there will be 45 Democratic senators, and 2 Independent senators, that can be expected to vote for removal. Unless an asteroid strikes our planet. Or unless Yellowstone blows up and sinks North America. Or unless glacial ice-melting submerges Washington D.C.

Thus, at least 20 of the 53 Republican senators will also have to vote for removal, to rid cable news of the T-word.

I believe the Senate will have no trouble mustering those 20 Republican votes. Remember, 22 Republican senators will be up for reelection in 2020. And 22 more will face reelection in 2022. And so I suspect there are at least 44 nervous Republicans in the Senate who are secretly hoping and praying for the president’s early political demise, in spite of all the lickspittle public praise they heap upon him.

Otherwise their political careers may go straight down Trump’s golden crapper.

What they need is a premise. Some red meat. Something they can show to their fanatics, er, voters, that Trump really is the terrible person his new Chief of Staff said he is. You know, a con artist. A liar. And a corrupt sellout to countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia. The kind of stuff everyone who is not a Republican, or Donald’s Chief of Staff, is already aware of.

That way they’ll have an excuse to vote for his removal, while standing a chance at getting enough votes to win their Republican primary elections.

And we already have some red meat. Trump has been implicated in a scheme to violate campaign finance laws, by paying off the National Enquirer to silence women he’s had extramarital affairs with.

Remember Bill Clinton? He survived removal after he was impeached, when zero Democratic Senators, but 50 Republican senators, voted to convict and evict over charges stemming from a sex scandal. Yep, where Democrats have no morality, Republicans are loaded with it. They will not stand for any president to have illicit sex. Regardless of political party. Right? Uh, ahem. R-r-right.

But just to be on the safe side, I’m sure much more meat will be put on display at the butcher shop. Special Counsel Bob Mueller will issue his report, and the House of Representatives will complete a few investigations of their own. And the Southern District Court of New York will also do some snooping. Soon we’ll see meat on display with labels such as, “The Putin Penthouse Steak”, “Obstruction Sausage”, and “Trump Roast Tax Returns”.

And maybe there’ll be some “Collusion Calimari” on the side.

I predict that will be enough. That kind of meat is what Republican senators need, to satisfy their party. That is what they are secretly praying for, even while openly defending our orange oligarch.

And the sooner the better. Because the sooner they can get rid of Trump, the sooner they can get on with the business most important to them. Their reelection campaigns.

You heard it here first. My prediction for 2019. No more Trump, and the T-word is on its way out. The end is near!

God I hope I’m right.

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