About: Stolen Quote

I’m a quote collector. Or you can call me a kleptoquote. It’s all in how you want to look at it. I exploit the Fair Use Doctrine to lift words uttered by famous people and reprint them in my blog. And then I bask in the reflected glory of their celebrity.

I’m not brainy enough to come up with a unique post every day, that is worth more than two-seconds of reading. In other words, when it comes to chasing unicorns, I’m not always fleet of foot.

So I resort to stealing quotes from others, if I want to look like a good unicorn hunter. It also helps me to experience some simulacrum of what it feels like to dazzle the world with the splendor of my thoughts. Except that they’re not my thoughts, they’re the thoughts of the lucky bastard I quoted.

When I quote someone, I like to add my own little snarky comment directly below. It’s the old bait-and-switch trick. I lure you to my post with the household names of the glitterati, and after you read their words, my words directly follow. I’m gambling that maybe one day, my words will come across as more unique than the luminary that I quoted. And then maybe I’ll be discovered for the genius I imagine myself to be, and can become world famous also.

I encourage your comments on all the unicorns posted on this blog, but especially on the Stolen Quote unicorns. I want you to find ways to eviscerate the quote. Kick it in the teeth. Challenge the wisdom and offer up something wiser. When we’re envious of the famous dudes and dudettes quoted, anything that will knock them down a peg will help us feel a little better about ourselves.

Let’s show the world that we’re smarter than the jet set. Let’s tear down their lace curtain, and expose their elitist intellectualism as so much tomfoolery.

And then we can all feel better about ourselves.