About: Me

My family shield

My family shield

My name is Tippy Gnu (pronounced Guh-new). I used to be Tippy Tyler II, but changed my last name to Gnu, after the GNU/Linux operating system. But you can call me Tyler, too.

GNU is at the forefront of the free software movement. There are many excellent GNU programs that can be downloaded for free. In fact, I used free Linux operating systems for several years; mainly Ubuntu, Lubuntu, and Debian. Sadly, I gave them up and returned to Windows, because I wanted the versatility and ease-of-use that Windows so temptingly offers.

But I’m not a complete turncoat, as I continue to use GNU-related products, including the LibreOffice Suite and Mozilla Firefox browser. You see, there are many GNU products that work very well with Windows, and with similar quality to their counterpart Microsoft products.

As you may guess, I’m pretty enthusiastic about GNU/Linux. It’s an alternative to Microsoft, and software developers can freely build on it and distribute it. I like alternatives and freedom. They help to make the world more unique. And so I adopted the Gnu moniker.

Click this link to learn more about GNU/Linux. Alternatively, if you want to learn more about me, keep reading.

I won’t bother you with my life story, except to say that I was very young when I was born. Also, knowing what I know now, if I could live my life over again I would definitely live it differently. I would become a stock trader and thoroughbred handicapper.

Life stories are boring. I want to save your jaw from the strain of too much yawning. So instead of my autobiography, the following is a list of my vital statistics. I hope you find this data very interesting and exciting, and useful at getting to know me and the timbre of my character.

Age: Vintage
Marital Status: Happy
Sex: We tolerate it
Children: 5 dogs and 2 cats
Race: North American
Height: Shrinking
Weight: Expanding
Location: Cyberia
Occupation: Pension Check Manager
Alma Mater: Delay Work University
Hobby: Becoming rich and famous
Socioeconomic Status: Not rich and famous enough
Political Party: Cynicrat
Religion: Unicorniks