About: Chasing Unicorns

We’re always chasing unicorns. This blog gives us a chance to share what we’ve caught. And then comment on what’s been caught. And then comment on the comments about what’s been caught.

Unicorn is code for unique. A unicorn is any unique experience, life situation, thought, or anything else that’s unique. So you see, unicorns really do exist! You can learn more about these rascally creatures by clicking this link.

Unicorns can be pretty elusive, and hard to spot and catch. Therefore it’s been a while since some of us have descried and immured one. This blog enables those who’ve corralled a unicorn to share with those who have not. And also with those who have.

When unicorns are shared they tend to multiply. That’s because these magical little critters are very playful and frisky. Also they have short life spans. So they have to stay busy at keeping their species from going extinct.

What I really mean to say is, when you share something unique it tends to inspire unique conversation. People make unique comments, and those comments are commented upon in unique ways, until everyone is creating new, unique thoughts and ideas. Sometimes the thoughts and ideas are funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes way off the subject and out in left field. But whatever the case, they’re unique. Just like a herd of unicorns.

I say, the more the merrier. Join us for the chase! The more unicorns we can catch, share, and create, the happier we’ll all be. And that’s what this blog, and life, is all about.