About: Chasing Unicorns

“The Unicorn in Captivity”-Tapestry, circa 1500

I define a unicorn as anything unique. Chasing Unicorns is about adding uniqueness to our lives.

There are no rules here. Unicorns hate rules. Rules kill uniqueness. So we can get crazy, silly, and irreverent. But we can also be sane, serious, and deeply philosophical. So deep you might have to wear tall boots and carry a shovel with you.

Go ahead and comment at will. And comment on the comments. Help me keep my followers in line. Or out of line. And feel free to have conversations without me. But I do eavesdrop, so be warned.

Because there are no rules, you might need thick skin. Unicorns can have sharp, piercing horns, and can also be real smartasses. We try to play nice around here, but sometimes it’s hard to keep troublemakers from taking over. I’ve been impaled many times by wayward unicorns and their pointed comments.

It’s rare that I censor a comment. That’s because it’s rare for commenters to be mean-spirited. Or weird to the point of creepiness. And if you’re wondering if swearing is allowed, fucking A it is. But please try to avoid swearing too fucking much. That can get old as shit.

I hope you enjoy this blog, but if not, please let me know in a comment. Maybe I can improve things. Or maybe I’ll just sic a unicorn on you.

Because as I say, there are no rules when you’re chasing unicorns.

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