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Weird Word Day: Bibulous


Excessive fondness for drinking alcohol. Being prone to the consumption of alcohol, and finding oneself prone thereafter. Or, something that is very absorbent, like a bib.

What I Thought It Meant:

Someone who goes to church, but forgets their Bible.

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    • I was thinking, “bibulous” sounds like “Bible-less.”

      I know the type. Bring up any subject and they’ll touch their finger to their tongue, then start flipping Bible pages. I try to avoid opening the door when these types show up.

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      • I always open the door. Some day, I’ll convert one of them.

        Actually, I have a long time friend who fits the bill. But I think that at some point he realized that he was referencing a rule-book for a completely different game. Since then, we’ve had some interesting conversations.

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        • Great that you and your friend found a way to keep the conversations interesting. As for me, I think anything spiritual requires a lot of reflection. So I try to keep my spiritual conversations brief.

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