Covid-Mask Crooks

If someone approaches you, wearing a Covid mask, run like hell! They could easily be a Covid-mask crook. Covid-mask crooks wear face coverings to conceal their identity while committing crimes.

Pre-pandemic, it was illegal in many cities to wear a mask in public. But after Covid hit, this stricture was lifted and the opposite became the law. We were required to wear masks in public. And crooks took full advantage. Masked crimes have been on the rise ever since.

Thank all the gods, public protests, and common sense, the pandemic is now over. After all, President Biden has said so, and he even signed a bill recently, declaring the end of the Covid emergency. Mask requirements have been lifted just about everywhere, and so the sight of someone wearing a mask is becoming less and less common.

Just the same, there seem to be a few mask holdouts. When you see someone wearing a Covid mask you might think, “Geez, what an idiot! Didn’t he get the memo? Doesn’t that nimrod know that Covid is over?” And then that nimrod may conk you over the head and remove your wallet from your purse or back pocket.

This Covid-Masker appears to be shopping. But what is he really up to? Photo by Nickolay Romensky, CC BY 2.0.

Masked robbery is becoming so rampant in New York City, that Mayor Eric Adams has asked the public to remove their Covid masks before entering stores or other places of business. Imagine that! If anyone had made such a request two or three years ago, they would have been condemned as a superspreading public safety menace.

But now it appears that mask wearers themselves, are often a public safety menace. Covid crooks are out and about, plundering a public that has grown accustomed and complacent with being around people wearing face coverings.

There’s one silver lining to this. Occasionally Covid crooks lose their mask while in the process of murdering someone. Cops can then analyze DNA from the mask, and use it to identify the murderer. That is, if the crime of murder is being prosecuted in their jurisdiction. Apparently, crime is not a high priority with some district attorneys. But that’s a whole other issue our mad, mad, mad world currently contends with.

Just be aware of the danger. If you see anyone wearing a mask in public, especially if it’s a young person, run like hell! Get away from the scene as quickly as possible. The mask wearer is probably just trying to protect himself or others from a virus that poses far less danger than it once did. Yeah, he’s probably just the overly-cautious, paranoid type.

But then again, he could also be a mugger, so perhaps you should be paranoid, too. Get away quickly! Don’t allow yourself to become the next victim of a Covid-mask crook.


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  1. Okay … I have to ask. What part of ” the end of the Covid emergency” suggests that COVID is over? From my understanding of English, it only means the emergency is over.

    Here, we also no longer have an emergency, but case counts are not going down but rather are stable. Caution is therefore still advised re mask wearing. To make matters worse, research in UBC has concluded that a current variant is of concern because of the increased incidents of diabetes in those testing positive. Increased risk is noted in older people.

    End result? I am not overly concerned when in an outdoor situation, but I always wear a mask when going into a store. I haven’t robbed one yet!

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  2. Obviously not everyone with a mask is a possible criminal but you do have a point.
    The cop that has been dealing with our case sent us a picture of the suspect that they believe stole from from us. He was in Walmart trying to use my CC’s. He was quick with trying to use them that day, but we were quicker in cancelling them. Poor guy kept trying at the same register where there was a surveillance camera. But my point is that he had a mask on and the cop said in his email that they have had that problem since Covid. Thieves will use whatever they can to their advantage.

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  3. I was in a drugstore yesterday, buying some giftwrap and a card (my sister turns 70 this month). All of the cashiers were wearing masks, but not the associates in the store. I wondered what that was about, and now perhaps I know. They were identifying where the robberies were going to happen.

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