A Foolish Filler Day

Three Bad Jokes Challenge

Hi! We’re Jack & Jenny Ass, the masscots of this pathetic blog. Here are three bad jokes we stole from some other jackasses. Your challenge is to read them without cracking a smile. Otherwise, you’ll get a kick out of us.

Bad Joke

A women’s magazine held a voting contest for the best new car of the year. The winner was “the sapphire blue one.”

Badder Joke

It’s easy to make pumpkin pi. Just divide the circumference by it’s diameter.

Baddest Joke

One Thanksgiving morning, a farmer walks into his house with a turkey under his arm. “This is the pig I’ve been sleeping with,” he says. “That’s a turkey,” his wife says. The man answers, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

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  1. Your baddest joke reminds me of a military (?) joke:

    The CO had some bad news to break to one of his men, so he had them line up on the parade ground. Called the “ATTENSHUN!”, and then proceeded with “Johnson! Your father just died. Company DISMISS!”

    Well Johnson was devastated. It eventually got back to the more senior officials and the CO was called in to the office and told that with such news, he must be more sensitive and not so blunt and direct.

    A few days later the CO received news that Johnson’s mother had just died and, thinking about what he had been told, he once again had them line up on the parade ground … “ATTENSHUN!” Looking up and down the lines of men he said “All those with a living mother, takes two steps forward. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING JOHNSON?”

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  2. A sapphire blue car sounds like a winner to me! We women know what is important, but yes you did get a chuckle for that one. A groan for the Pumpkin pie and as for the last one, I am guessing that the farmer did not get to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. He may have been eating it in the barn!

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