Question: Confess to Husband???

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This question comes from a “friend” of Carolyn Shelton (renowned author of the blog, Nuggets of Gold). And it’s a good thing it doesn’t come from Carolyn herself, because apparently her “friend” totally destroyed the family car. By that I mean, she struck something and chipped the paint. This is the sort of appalling, egregious travesty that husbands for generations have constantly dreaded, ever since women won the right to drive.

Carolyn’s husband, Brad, has already been through enough of her horrific car wrecks. Poor Brad doesn’t need yet another. But in Carolyn’s defense, the accidents are never her fault. It seems that objects such as gates, mailboxes, and trees have a tendency to become suicidal whenever they see her coming down the road, and they jump out in front of her car, in an effort to end it all. And she obliges them.

Just remember, there are no stupid questions. So here’s Carolyn’s long, drawn out, stammering, feet-fidgeting . . . awe come on Carolyn, just spit it out:

Hi, I have a question for you, asking for a friend. πŸ™‚

IF you happened to hit an inanimate object, ( well pretty sure it magically moved) But anyway. If your vehicle hit it, and chipped some paint, do you confess to your husband? Or do you wait and see if he notices it? Start counting the days to see how long. What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them, right? In what situations can one use that excuse? Obviously big things one should share with their spouse, but what about minor run ins with inanimate objects that magically move?

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  1. When men walk by their cars in the garage, driveway, parking lot, where ever, they will look nervously at it for more scratches or dings. They remember each one and feel a little twinge of pain each time the see one. This is until the vehicle reaches the state of heapdom, at which point they no longer care.

    He’ll notice unless the car is already a heap.

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  2. I would ignore it, and look appalled when he sees it and asks. Don’t lie, just validate his feelings of injury, as if that is the only thing that is important. Agree that if YOU had hit someone else’s car and left such a scratch that you would have confessed and left a note, why didn’t this person?

    Or, just bite the bullet and confess. He vents his spleen, and it’s over and done with. The sooner he sees it, the sooner he can work on it and keep it from becoming a rust spot.

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  3. In the spirit of a Perry Mason style, “Have you *always beaten your mother? ‘Yes’ or ‘no’.” ambush legal defense, she might try leading the conversation into a state of male doubt and ego-driven self-incrimination. Shopping carts are a good inanimate object of repudiation with regard to an automotive finish, since it’s known that they possess inherent malicious intent. So appealing to the male ego, she might try, “Did you allow that shopping cart that attacked your car escape?*”

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  4. Ummm “horrific wrecks”? … I have not been in horrific wrecks my car smartass! Annnd my car , I mean friend’s car is far from destroyed, by a simple scratch.( though, it may be a little worse than what I thought at first) BUT still farrrr from being destroyed. Still shiny gold!

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  5. This unnamed person’s husband should be thanking her. I’ve never been able to figure out why guys would want to drive around in a vehicle with a finish that says:
    1) No dirt or gravel roads, bad weather, or any other conditions that might be termed “adventurous”.
    2) No travel anywhere significant, including via airport parking lots.
    3) No Home Depot, grocery stores, or anyplace else that suggests self-reliance.
    4) No racking of weekend sports equipment such as skis, bikes, kayaks, surfboards, etc…
    5) No space in the garage to store such weekend equipment.
    6) Weekends are spent carefully removing bugs, road tar and waxing paint anyway.

    Now that the car isn’t perfect anymore, he can have fun with it!

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