Question: Crappy Concert Video???

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Today’s question comes from Jason Frels, at the aptly named photography blog, Jason Frels. Jason loves cameras, and enjoys hiking way out in nature, where he takes stunning photos. But there’s one place where he wonders why people would use their cameras.

Just remember, there are no stupid questions. So here’s Jason’s:

I go to concerts sometimes and a particular human behavior perplexes me. Why do people that paid a bunch of money to experience a concert, take out their phones and spend their precious time there taking low quality video of the concert instead of enjoying it? If you wanted to watch a crappy video of the concert, you can probably find many on YouTube.

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  1. Answer: Pure ignorance. Not only are they recording a questionable quality video, but they are also annoying people like me who paid good money to enjoy the concert …. not to have hundreds of little screens intruding on my view of the performing artists. Pure self-centred ignorance. I no longer go to concerts because of this annoying trend.

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  2. Because they want a memory to review later, or they just want to brag to friends that they were there, of course.

    I’m on your side, though. Concert tickets are so costly that I can’t see spoiling the outing with much phone work.

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    • I had this thought when my first daughter graduated high school. I was preparing to be there with camera and long lens to capture the moments as she walked across stage and received her diploma, but the day before I thought “What the hell am I doing? I’m going to go there without camera, watch my daughter graduate, live the experience, and pay that professional photographer that is right there next to the stage for his photos.” And that is what I did.

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    • I’m with you on both counts. A few years back we went on a trip that included walking on a glacier. We touched (and drank) glacier water, we smelled the fresh glacier air, we absorbed the views of the amazing (and shrinking) glacier, where it was pure and clean, where it was filthy and drab.

      We took a few photos to remind us of the experience, but most of the time we spent… experiencing.

      Most people around us spent most time taking selfies to post on insta and the such, and then dashed back to the bus.

      I do think it’s sad that so many of us seem not to immerse ourselves in our experience but just document it for someone who isn’t with us and likely cares little to nothing about our experience. Sad.

      I’ve always had bad memory, so I’m not familiar with another existence and don’t feel that’s sad, only a legitimate reason to take photos πŸ™‚

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  3. I agree. Its annoying and it makes no sense. I wonder how many people actually go back and watch what they recorded.
    Try singing along real loud next time and maybe people would put their cameras down to look at you.

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  4. I am guessing it is so that the filmer can post the video to social media to prove that he was at the concert.

    As I get (got?) older, I enjoy watching events on our TV, as opposed to going to the event, such as a sporting event. It’s much cheaper, it’s a better view, and it’s much more time efficient.

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  5. The people who work at the Louvre were saying that almost all of the people who come to see the painting just take a picture (usually a selfie), and then leave in less than 2 minutes. It could be so that they could see other paintings (you can’t see them all in one day even if you only spent five mins per painting). But it seems so odd to me that people don’t want to get a closer look than is allowed, too. But that’s a different subject altogether, isn’t it?

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