Question: Magic Pillow???

Life is full of mysteries that leave us wondering and scratching our heads. Lice can also do this. But if you have a question about life, or even about lice, this is your chance to ask it. Just shoot me an email, at TippyGnu [at] Or, if you don’t feel like shooting me, you can ask the question in a comment.

Today’s question comes from a renowned Pullyerleg Prize author, who has asked to remain anonymous. So I’ll just call her Cara. The oeuvre of her written works can be appreciated at Nuggets of Gold.

Cara’s husband, Bard, works very long hours, and comes home every day, deadbeat tired. But as soon as he stumbles through the front door, his wife (Cara) hands him a very long To-Do List. So he wearily busies himself performing all the tasks she’s given him, between cooking his own dinner and doing his laundry. Finally bedtime comes, and if poor Bard has accomplished all his chores, he’s allowed to get some rest.

Cara feels amazed at how quickly poor Bard succumbs to sleep. He starts snoring just at the time her energy reaches its peak and she wants to go out and do stuff, and have fun. It’s frustrating. Cara has no idea why her poor husband falls asleep so quickly, while the night is still young.

Just remember, there are no stupid questions. So here’s Cara’s: Do men have a magic pillow that enables them to fall asleep as soon as their head hits it??

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  1. My theory is because women are naturally busy-bodies. They want to know, and discuss, and think about all the personal things about everyone’s lives including celebrities that they will never meet. And if that isn’t enough, they find TV shows and books about the scandalous lives of fictitious people. They can’t and don’t want to stop thinking about all of this stuff and have trouble going to sleep.

    By contrast, when a man’s head hits the pillow (and he knows there isn’t any sex in play), he is relieved to be able to stop thinking about people and their problems for a while and quickly falls asleep. A man laying in bed may actually fall asleep in mid sentence if you are talking to him.

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  2. It’s because our brains are in constant activity in order to cover the inactivity of those who must remain nameless. When our heads hit those pillows, our minds automatically go into “safe mode” which, to those who pose the original question (the uninitiated) will forever be a mystery. We will however wake up refreshed and ready to make decisions yet again, whereas those “others” will just muddle-fuddle through another day.

    To TG – Thinking about nothing is a vacation for the brain and is fine. It beats the other habit of a 24 hr semi-functioning partial collection of almost active brain cells.

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  3. Oooh you have had too much fun with these questions! 😢🀚! But I did hear from a very reliable source that Tippner may be in for a surprise the next time he visits Cara’s diner!

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