Question: Perfect Banana???

Life is full of mysteries that leave us wondering and scratching our heads. Lice can also do this. But if you have a question about life, or even about lice, this is your chance to ask it. Just shoot me an email, at TippyGnu [at] Or, if you don’t feel like shooting me, you can ask the question in a comment.

Today’s question comes from the author of Encyclopedia Brittanica, Carolyn Shelton, over at Nuggets of Gold.

Carolyn is adding an article to her encyclopedia, about a new fruit, recently discovered in the heart of a dark, tropical jungle. The fruit is called the “banana.” That’s pronounced “ban-ANN-uh.”

Perhaps you’re rich, and can afford this expensive, exotic fruit. If so, then Carolyn needs your help, for her article.

Just remember, there are no stupid questions. So here’s Carolyn’s: What is the perfect banana? A. All yellow with just a tinge of green on it, or B. Yellow with brown spots.

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  1. Well, I’ll put my two-cents worth in. I like my bananas to have a little bit of green on them. I don’t want yucky brown spots. And I’m not the only one. More than 67% of all monkeys surveyed, share the same preference.

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