Question: 3 Crazy Rules???

Life is full of mysteries that leave us wondering and scratching our heads. Lice can also do this. But if you have a question about life, or even about lice, this is your chance to ask it. Just shoot me an email, at TippyGnu [at] Or, if you don’t feel like shooting me, you can ask the question in a comment.

Today’s question comes from the famous author, Carolyn Shelton, over at Nuggets of Gold.

I think Carolyn has decided to start her own cult, and is looking for followers. And I don’t mean blog followers. I mean, I think she wants to brainwash us all, take everything we own, and sequester us in a remote area where we have to follow all her crazy rules. Sound scary? Hell, yeah! Just don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Carolyn is looking for ideas on how to run her cult, so she decided to ask for our advice. Of course my advice is, don’t serve Kool-Aid. But my advice has nothing to do with her question.

Just remember, there are no stupid questions. So here’s Carolyn’s: If you developed your own society what would 3 crazy rules be?

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    • Wow! That was quite a rabbit hole! Their website is an interesting mix of Bible quotes and cosmic prophesy from space aliens.

      In Japan, “Pana Wave Laboratory” was probably slightly less dangerous to its members (if not more publicly embarrassing), who were all “scientists” who dressed in white lab coats… and white clothes and shoes and masks… and who drove around in convoys of white vans that parked in places they covered entirely in white sheets. Apparently, this was all to prevent electromagnetic waves from contaminating them while they looked for someplace to ride out a flip of the Earth’s magnetic poles that would be caused by the passage of an as yet undiscovered tenth planet.

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      • I guess there are nuts all over this world. On the other hand, I always worry that some cult of “crazy people” will turn out to be right, and save themselves, while the rest of us will be doomed.

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      • I used to work with a man who had all his house windows covered in foil. Apparently he was afraid that the aliens would interfere with his mind via some radio like transmissions,and the foil would deflect the signals. The talk around the office was that he was nuts. Gotta go now before I miss by saucer flight.

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        • Speaking as someone that has taken multiple products through radiated immunity testing, it takes a lot more than some aluminum foil over your windows to block alien radio waves. The best option is to live in a copper box with no openings even large enough for air to pass through. You will definitely be protected from alien radio waves while you suffocate.

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          • Back in my big corporate days, we’d have occasional meetings in shielded rooms. Never noticed any health benefits… just bad lighting.

            Turn on a cell phone in that copper box, wondering if you could cook yourself?

            And everybody knows that aliens don’t use radio waves. They use psy-waves which travel instantaneously through the interdimensional ether of quantum space.

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            • The shield wouldn’t cook you or bombard you with radiation, it would just stop electric fields from propagating, like the screen in your microwave window. How fine the mesh depends on what wavelengths you are after. That’s why I suggested the solid copper shield to block it all. But most cell phone type signaling can be stopped with some good chicken wire if the connections are good.

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                • The atmosphere starts doing a pretty good job of attenuating the signals at the high end of 5G, so there is a point at which you don’t have to worry about it. After that the atmosphere is almost opaque until it gets to visible light, which it conveniently lets through.

                  But it sounds like you want to build a microwave oven to cook people. Maybe that is available on the industrial food industry market. Bone apetit.

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  1. If my dog doesn’t like you, you can’t join. I trust her judgment implicitly.
    If you leave the door open while the heat or AC is running, you will be voted off the island.
    Whoever takes the last of the coffee must make a new pot.

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