Question: Underwear Bag???

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My friend’s underwear bag.

Today’s question comes from a friend. My friend’s wife bought some underwear for him, at Walmart. The underwear was sold in a thick plastic bag with a zipper on it. The bag was labeled, “Reusable Bag.” My friend wants to know why his unmentionables would be sold in a reusable bag? And who would want to reuse a bag that once contained undergarments? Isn’t that disgusting?

My friend has no use for this bag. He asserts that no tool of his is small enough to fit inside it. And he points out that he stores his pens and pencils in a special credenza on his desk. His stomach turns at the thought of storing food in this underwear purse.

He wants to throw it away, but his wife told him not to, because “it could come in handy one day.” She also warns that plastic is bad for the environment, and takes nearly as long as ancient pottery, to disintegrate in dumps.

Remember, there are no stupid questions, so here’s my friend’s: What should he do with this annoying underwear bag that keeps getting in his *@!$% way all the damn time?

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  1. I don’t understand what is so gross about re-using this bag. Unless your friend bought already worn underwear (which apparently has some sort of market value with certain fetishists), this bag only contained some clean pieces of cloth. Is there some vital information missing that your friend would care to share? πŸ˜‰

    As someone who does lots of crafty and arty things, I tend to save these kinds of bags for storing small bits and bobs of things I use to create stuff.


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    • I guess it’s just the idea that grosses my friend out. But you’re right, it is just clean pieces of cloth. But I do wonder if the purpose of the bag is to continue storing the underwear in it, after it’s been used.

      I admire that you artsy-crafty people can make use of just about anything.

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  2. Keep it in his carry-on bag to store underwear for weekend trips. One so squeamish about underwear wouldn’t want it touching anything else in his suitcase, right?
    Better yet, use it to hold a gift. Six cookies, an array of handkerchiefs, whatever will fit. Which will shift the burden of reusing it to someone else, just as the underwear company did to him.

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