Who the Hell Am I?

How about we play another fun and exciting game of Who the Hell Am I?

In this game you get 10 clues to guess the name of a famous person. These clues are numbered countdown-style, 10 to 1, with the first clue numbered 10. Your score is determined by the highest numbered clue that evokes the correct answer.

At the end of the clues you can click a link for the answer. However, the link is numbered zero, so if you haven’t figured out the answer by the time you click it, you get no points.

Who the hell am I?

10. I was born in 1908, and died of cancer in 1989. I was in show business, and my acting career spanned nearly 60 years. I’m often depicted smoking a cigarette, in movie scenes. In fact I was addicted to cigarettes, chain-smoking 100 per day, late into my life.

9. Four years before my death, I disinherited my daughter after she published a memoir that accused me of being a bully and an alcoholic. I never got over this backstabbing book.

8. I’ve won two Academy Awards, and was the first person in show biz to be nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

7. I came to Hollywood in 1930, at age 22. I failed my first two screen tests, but finally landed a movie role, due to my unusual eyes. But the movie was a dud. In 1932, after six failed movies in a row, I was fired by Universal Studios. That same year, as I was preparing to leave Hollywood, I was hired by Warner Brothers and got a role in a successful film.

6. In 1934, after more than 20 film roles, I finally got my big break when I starred in the movie Of Human Bondage. My role as a mean, vicious, manipulative person, won critical acclaim, turning me into a major star. There was widespread outrage when I was not nominated for an Academy Award, and this led to a change in the way the Academy votes for nominees.

5. The voting change helped, because in 1935 I won my first Academy Award, playing the role of a troubled Broadway star in the movie Dangerous.

4. In 1949, I became the highest-paid woman in the United States. And in 1977, I became the first woman to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute.

3. One of my most famous quotes is, “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night,” from the 1950 movie, All About Eve.

2. I had a career-long running feud with actress Joan Crawford. She and I co-starred in the 1962 movie, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? In one scene, I push Joan down a flight of stairs. I consider this scene to be the most enjoyable time I ever had with her.

1. In 1981, the best-selling record for the year was a song by Kim Carnes, about my unusually big, beautiful eyes. It topped Billboard’s Hot 100 for nine weeks.

0. Still flummoxed? You can click on this link and read all about me on Wikipedia. Or, you can click on this link and learn my name from Kim Carnes’ 1981 hit song. But either way you look at it, you get zero points.

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