A Foolish Filler Day

Good Riddlance

Let’s exercise our brains by solving a riddle. Yes I know exercise is hard work, but if we don’t keep our thinkers in shape we can’t be effective smartasses. So just read the question below, do your best to solve it, then see if your answer matches the official answer. Then you’ll be done with it, and that will be good riddlance.

There’s a rock group of four famous men, that’s been around for years. But none of them can sing anymore. Who are they?

Find Answer Below–

The Presidents on Mount Rushmore.

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  1. I got the answer, but I have no way to prove it. As evidence, I can offer you that I was recently in South Dakota and I have a piece of paper with an image of one of those men on it and a round disk of metal with a likeness of one of the others.

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      • I read a Wall Street Journal article that said people have been moving to the Joshua Tree National Park area like crazy lately. Do you have a lot of new rude city neighbors these days? I know what it’s like when a bunch of Californians move in to your town.

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        • This area has been growing, but I didn’t know it made news in the WSJ. Houses are expensive, and rents are going way up. Also, we have a big controversy about all the Airbnb’s we’re getting.

          It seems most of our new residents are from the LA area. They’ve been fleeing the rising crime rates and stringent Covid restrictions. So yes, I too know what it’s like when a bunch of Californians move into my town.

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  2. Nature will return it to its natural state. But my argument is, if an ant hill, a bird nest, and a beaver dam are a natural state, so is sleazy used car lot or or petrochemical refinery.

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