A Foolish Filler Day

Three Bad Jokes Challenge

Hi! We’re Jack & Jenny Ass, the masscots of this pathetic blog. Here are three bad jokes we stole from some other jackasses. Your challenge is to read them without cracking a smile. Otherwise, you’ll get a kick out of us.

Bad Joke

When you’re eating, it’s hard to have a 10-second rule when you have a 3-second dog.

Badder Joke

Most people are ignorant and apathetic. But even if they knew that, they wouldn’t care.

Baddest Joke

Have you ever noticed that if you read between the lines, every book seems the same?

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  1. If you can read between the lines, is that called being interlinearliterate? And I guess if you can’t read between the lines you are ilinterlinearliterate. I am envious of German for their really long words and I am trying to do my part for English.

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