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Anti-Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is exactly six months from today. On Thanksgiving, we spend time reflecting on how grateful we are for all the wonderful things we have in life. And then we pig out.

But I like griping and complaining, too. So I think today should be celebrated as “Anti-Thanksgiving Day.” Wouldn’t it be special if we spent this day fretting and moaning about the things we hate? And then we can eat a bologna sandwich.

In honor of Anti-Thanksgiving Day, I’ve come up with a list of my pet peeves.

It wasn’t all that hard. But that’s the power of negative thinking. It really comes through like a tidal wave after too much positive thinking has kept it at bay. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Here are my pet peeves:

Christmas shopping (which generally begins about now)

Counting calories

Cuckoo clocks

Dogs that piss on the floor (literally a “pet” peeve)

Dresser drawers with broken rails



Missing TV remotes

Most TV shows

Nagging from my wife about blogging too much

Scatter cushions

Spoiled bananas


Unwanted gifts

Long lists

Happy Anti-Thanksgiving Day! Got any bugbears of your own?

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  1. My gripe is negative people who make a list of gripes! 😛
    Spoiled bananas – don’t let them spoil
    Dog pee – take them outside to pee
    Wife nagging – Give her more compliments and things to praise you about! 🙂
    Counting calories – Don’t count them
    Cuckoo clocks – Don’t buy them, Cuckoo!
    Broken dresser drawer rails- Fix them
    Evangelism- it may help you! 😇
    Tailgaters- Ride a bike or walk instead
    Scattered cushions – Don’t scatter them
    Unwanted gifts – 🎁 Be nicer and you may get gifts you want!

    And now I will just go into my hole that I probably just dug with my golden shovel. I don’t like holes. 😉

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  2. It is kind of sobering to read
    Thanksgiving is six months away – helps me have perspective on the year !
    And ou pet peeves were funny
    I can’t stand tailgaters too
    And one of my pet peeves is when someone uses a bed pillow without a pillow case!

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      • Hahahaha – a cinder block is a tough replacement – lol
        My other pet peeve is when someone “marries” items in the kitchen
        Don’t add the old mayo at the bottom to a new jar that is freshly opened
        We make doggie chicken (for pet food) and don’t add the little bit left from Monday’s into the weekend fresh batch
        I told my family I was going to make them sit down and watch OSHA videos if they kept it up – hahaha
        Oh and no defrosting meat on the counter – people! Please stop

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        • Sounds like a recipe for food poisoning. Marrying items in the kitchen could lead to a quick divorce, in my house. But I hope you keep a stomach pump on standby, in your house.

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          • Well
            It has stopped – hahaha – esp when I mentioned why we should not mix the old with the new –
            Funny how giving the reasoning usually hells with behavior change
            For example – when we had a teen still here – those towels on the bedroom floor – ugh!!
            Then a mini lecture about damp towels and carpet health and odor – it led to change – towels were hung up

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          • And one more thing – regarding the evangelism? Well I am a Christian but try to be respectful and share when asked – anyhow / your pet peeve with that reminded me of a time my husband was invited to lunch – out of the blue – by this guy we thought was pretty cool. Anyhow – at lunch – the young man decided to have the “baptism talk” with my husband and when he came home – my husband was just shocked at how the guy went about this “schooling”
            So what is worst than aggressive evangelism? In my view it is a Christian trying to correct you – or being mean and snarky in their dogma!

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