A Foolish Filler Day

Three Bad Jokes Challenge

Hi! We’re Jack & Jenny Ass, the masscots of this pathetic blog. Here are three bad jokes we stole from some other jackass. Your challenge is to read them without cracking a smile. Otherwise, you’ll get a kick out of us.

PS: These are wife jokes that we stole from Tippy. Please don’t let Tippy’s wife see them. But if she’s reading this right now, please understand that Tippy is only trying to be a smartass.

Bad Joke

My wife told me she looked fat, and needed a compliment. So I told her, “You’re lucky you have such good eyesight.”

Badder Joke

I asked my wife if she would marry someone after I died. She said no, she would go live with her sister. Then she asked, “What about you?” I said, “No, I too would live with your sister.”

Baddest Joke

I figured out how to make my wife scream during sex. I called her and told her about it.

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