Dolly Lollipalooza

This is me, hiding behind my new mother’s shoe. Which I hope to be chewing into tiny pieces, soon.

Woof! I mean, hi! I’m Dolly Lollipalooza Gnu, the cutest wiener dog anyone ever knew. I’m the latest edition to the Gnu family. Yep, the Gnu monsters came over to my house, yanked me from my mother’s tit, shelled out some funny looking green paper stuff, then dragged me over to their house. So now I guess I’m a Gnu.

They don’t know it yet, but the Gnu household is about to undergo a big, gigantic, transformation. I may look cute, but I’m hell on wheels. Before you know it, I’ll be chewing up their furniture and anything else I can sink my sharp little teeth into. And I’ll be chasing their cat, and shitting and pissing all over their nice floors.

Yep, I’ll be a’rippin’ and a’tearin’!

I’ve already been ripping and tearing at this blanket. And this is only the beginning. Mwahahahaha!

Once in awhile I’ll dash between their legs and make a great escape out the front door. Then the race will be on. They’ll be chasing me up and down the street while hollering, “Dolly Lollipalooza Gnu! Come here!! Get over here, you damned dog!!!” And their neighbors will be laughing their heads off.

I’ll probably bite their house guests. And I’ll whine all night, because I still miss my mother, that wonderful milk-sack-of-a-bitch. She had such lovely, succulent nipples. Or, suckable nipples. But I don’t get that stuff anymore. Now it’s all solid food for me. Oh, for the good ol’ days, when I was just a baby!

My picture gets taken a lot, but I rarely hold still for one. So only about one out of every 57 photos is worthy of saving. But aren’t these just the darndest, cutest pictures of me?!

I have one question. Do you think I’m cute enough to sleep with?

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  1. Totally cute enough to sleep with. The question is though for how long and what quality of sleep? Those tiny dogs may try to fool you but they take up just as much room on the bed as dogs 5 times their size. Oh yes, they are total bed hogs!!!


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  2. Cuteness is so deceptive. She is cute though. Congrats!

    Nope I’m so glad we or should I say I wouldn’t Lowryder in our bed. He had major anal gland issues.

    Enjoy the umm… chaos, I mean cuteness.

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