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Mr. Tippner’s Vacation

I was supposed to go on a vacation to the beach today, but instead I’m getting a root canal. Since I’m going to be busy, being tortured at the dentist’s office, I decided to steal someone else’s post and reblog it on my blog. Thank you Carolyn!

Nuggets of Gold

When Jason wrote a story about a town named Bittersweet Creek with some crazy characters who lived there, I think he expected it to just be a one time story, but … the characters live on. I write about them and he chimes in with more stories and now Tippy from https://unicorniks.com/2021/12/08/the-western-union-war/ surprised me with his story about Bittersweet Creek, and more importantly about Mr. Tippner. He seems to relate to him very well, all fiction has some truth in it, right? Enjoy the story! I did, even if I did …”smack my head”… at some parts. 


It was a balmy Monday morning at Bittersweet Creek. Mr. Tippner, from Tippner’s Bike Shop, was strolling down the sidewalk, hands in pockets, whistling a tune, and feeling in fine fettle. He stepped on a crack, then tripped over an uneven edge and nearly fell on his face, but managed to maintain…

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  1. The dentist generally SUCKS – primarily in the root canal department. However, I can say the last time I got a root canal, I found a $100 bill in the parking lot right after my appointment. Maybe they aren’t that bad after all. Hope it went ok for you.

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  2. Oh man you got a root canal today and I had another molar pulled. Good times.

    We should have just gone to the beach.

    I hope that you recover quickly.

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