Organizing Jelly Beans

My favorite is the licorice flavored Jelly Belly.

I love jelly beans. So imagine how sad I felt when I learned that refined sugar causes health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and a bevy of other maladies. Jelly beans are made of refined sugar. Apparently, you can eat all the natural (unrefined) sugar you want, from sources such as fruit, fruit, and fruit, and they won’t cause you any harm. But for some reason, refined sugar is poison.

Some estimate that the average American consumes about 77 grams of refined sugar per day. Others place that estimate as high as 188 grams. But experts say that the safe limit is a mere 38 grams per day for men, and a teensy 25 grams for women.

It’s also a fact that experts are known to take all the fun out of life.

But phew, at least it’s safe to eat some amount of refined sugar. I don’t have to completely give up my jelly bean habit. So I have come up with a system. I limit myself to three jelly beans per day. There are two grams of sugar in each jelly bean. If I eat only three per day, that’s a total of six grams. This leaves me with 32 grams of sugar that I can obtain from other delicious sources, such as ice cream, cake, and cookies.

I came up with a method to ensure that I only eat three jelly beans per day. I put them in a pill organizer, with three beans in each compartment, for each day of the week. Once I consume my daily dose of jelly beans, I’m done with them for the day. And then it’s time to move on to ice cream.

Too bad they don’t have a pill organizer large enough for that.

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  1. Maybe you can get one of those tiny spoons they use at Baskin-Robbins when you ask to taste one of their flavors. You could probably get away with having several spoonfuls with that size serving…

    Am I guessing there are sugar-free versions of jelly beans. But talk about taking the fun out of life…

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  2. Just finished my second morning coffee (black) to wash down a 190-calorie Costco “Protein Bar”… only 2 grams of sugar. Phew! Make up for pouring that chocolate syrup directly into the ice cream carton and washing it down with a glass of shōchū last night.
    Regardless, I’ve come to the conclusion that avoiding “poison” doesn’t actually make you live any longer…
    It just feels that way.

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  3. Smart, TG! I’m not a huge candy eater…more of a salty snack person. However, I have switched to gummy vitamins and they are quite candy-ish, aren’t they? I look forward to chewing my vitamins every day.


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  4. Yesss… Sugar causes inflammation and it in turn causes all that stuff. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and I’ve been trying to cut out sugary foods for years. But it’s so hard! And the thing is it’s almost impossible. Because no matter how hard you try you’re going to get back to square one and find ourself in even more vulnerable position than you used to be. It’s a vicious cycle – the harder you try to cut back on sugar, the stronger your cravings are. So, I also decided to limit my sugar intake to 3-5 small cookies a day.

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  5. We are only allowed 28 grams of sugar a day? Its really good that I don’t have a sweet tooth. LOL!
    Good method for your jellybeans. I haven’t even had 3 oreos today so I am doing good. 🙂

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