If you’re thinking about making your final arrangements, check with Vinny first. He has some interesting thoughts about it . . .

Life is a rusty rollercoaster

Meeting your maker… popping your clogs… bite the dust…. kicking the bucket..I’ve had more brushes with death than Evil Knievel and I don’t ride a motorcycle or wear the cape. And I definitely haven’t tried to jump the Grand Canyon. But I have had a few near misses though. Five heart attacks, a stent, which collapsed and now I have a blocked artery, pericardial effusion (fluid around the heart) heart failure, a defibrillator fitted in my chest and not forgetting the dreaded brutal coronavirus. I thought the first heart attack was a big one until I had the second one…then the third..fourth…and fifth. The ticker is a family history thing, courtesy of my old man. I had my first one when I was thirty two. My arteries are the wrong shape apparently. It’s only medical science and the wonders of today that are keeping me going. Ten tablets in a…

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