Speck of Dust

There’s a lot of self-important people running for office these days. Lest we think they’re better than us, or we, them, here’s a little poem to contemplate:

Speck of Dust

I’m just a speck of dust in the wind,

Blowing about and mixing in;

Sometimes part of the hard red clay,

Sometimes lifting and blowing away.

I’m one in a million

Trillion quadrillion,

To the power of sextillion

Octillion nonillion.

Compared to the whole, there ain’t much of me.

But that means I have lots of company.

We swirl in a cloud on a blustery day.

We come together and we ebb away.

I follow the breeze, this stream of air,

As it carries me hither, thither and there.

I can shine in the sun or hide in the gray,

But I can’t prevent being carried away.

Wherever I go, and whatever I see,

Will pass as I blast through eternity.

There’s never a place that I’ve blown through twice,

And never a breeze that didn’t feel nice.

So if some dust ever lands near your eye,

Please brush it away and allow it to fly.

For a speck of dust loves to roam.

With the wind as its path and the sky as its home.

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  1. I see your poetry skills have vastly improved compared to your last poem that you posted. LOL!
    Yes, some people’s egos are wayyy too big, we are small compared to all that is in the world BUT we also are all important in our own unique way. 🙂

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      • Roger Penrose just won a Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on black holes. Fascinating guy. One of his more obtuse, least well understood (mostly because of the mathematics), but also strangely promising ideas is something called “twistors”. In the theory, each place in each time is its own speck of dust representing everything in the universe “visible” to itself (that’s had time for light to reach it). If he’s right, that dichotomy is exactly the manifestation all “existence”.

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