Democrats and Republicans in Washington don’t like to compromise anymore. But when they did, this is how it often went:

Democrats like more spending and more taxes. Republicans like less spending and less taxes. The compromise: More spending and less taxes.

But that was okay because economists say that the more the government spends, the more the economy gets stimulated. And they also say that the less the rich are taxed, the more they trickle down upon us in the form of jobs.

I say they ought to start compromising again, and increase spending to about 100 trillion dollars a year, while reducing everyone’s taxes down to 1%. This will cause our economy to explode at warp speed, with astronomical profits for gazillionaires everywhere. And then the gazillionaires will trickle down a torrent upon the heads of the poverty-stricken.

How could anyone lose with a compromise like that?

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  1. Good compromises are like equations, they have to balance. Which means somebody’s taxes have to pay for all that spending. Democrats are like Robin Hood, well-intentioned bandits who tax the rich and distribute the spoils to the poor. Republicans, on the other hand, give tax breaks to the rich to insure they get re-elected, and throw paper towels to the poor. That’s my understanding. I vote for the bandits because I firmly believe man cannot live on paper towels alone. End of rant. 🙂

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    • There’s something kind of heroic and noble about Robin Hood. Then again, the Republicans are the movers and shakers of commerce. The two mindsets seem to have been battling for thousands of years. I suspect we need them both, otherwise one side would have already defeated the other.


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