Question: Ears

Cranky Pants and JoyRoses13 are up to no good. They’ve posed a question they want me to post. This question really insults men, and I’m acting like a traitor to my gender for posting it. But what the hell, it’s the first question that’s been submitted in a long time, so why not? I’m desperate. But I’m counting on the men who read this to give us some smartass responses that will show the women a thing or two. Here’s the question:

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  1. LOL! You really did post it. Yes, CP and I were having a good laugh last night at this and now I am laughing again. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Why do you think she threw me so much wine last night. We were celebrating our wit!

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  2. Ears work fine. But brains have limited capacity and must weed out unnecessary emotions, anything that costs money, or tasks that sound like work. Hence, why our wives believe we are completely deaf.

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  3. Selective hearing says it all. My ears work very well when exposed to a constructive conversation. Of course that rules out most women, but it’s hardly their fault. They have just succumbed to a history of social stereotyping.

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  4. Tippy Gnu, my husband uses that phrase, “Whatever” just like you do! As to his hearing? I wrote an entire post about that this weekend on at least one major communication fail between us. It involved food, too! So there you go! Mona

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    • “Whatever” is a great word. It’s sort of like, “dude.” It can mean so many things. Very versatile.

      I’ve tried to follow your blog in the past, but you don’t have a “Follow” button. I get the sense I have to fill out all kinds of crazy contact information, in a form, and I’m too lazy and paranoid to do that.

      Or am I like your husband? Do you have to point out very specifically where the “Follow” button is, for me to find it?


  5. if you believe in evolution and logic, then the answer seems apparent given that there are only two choices, that men’s ears work or they are just for show.

    If they are just for show, that suggests they serve no purpose. Over time, evolution would have dictated our ears would have gone away, much like the tail our ancestors used to have. But since we still have our ears, that would suggest they still work. Mic drop… πŸ™‚

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  6. Sir Winston Churchill was a highly respected man who had some distinct opinions – “β€œAn old battleaxe of a woman said to Winston Churchill, “If you were my husband I would put poison in your tea.” Churchill’s response, “Ma’am if you were my wife I would drink it.”

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