Series (Family): The Birth of Tippy Gnu

The Birth of Tippy Gnu

This is a series of posts about the birth of me, Tippy Gnu! Awe, ain’t I cute? To start reading at the beginning click this link: Link to Beginning. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a lot of scrolling to find the beginning, due to WordPress’s peculiar way of doing things.

Each post provides a link to the post that follows, leading you sequaciously from the start of the series to the finish.

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    • Sorry. I fixed it to make it easier to see. This is just a little blog maintenance I’m doing, to help people read some of my past posts, so you might start seeing more of these, as I progress along.


  1. I’m almost done with your CA Republic history book, which I’m sure covers a lot of the stuff we learned in public school here in the Golden State.

    Over the past 15 years or so, during which I lived in TN, I learned about the State of Franklin. I have no idea if it’s part of the public school history curriculum there, but I thought you might find it as interesting as I did especially if you’ve never heard of it before.

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    • Thanks for reading my book. It’s always a thrill to know someone can endure reading one of my works, front-to-back.

      I’m a California native, and was probably sleeping in public school, because I don’t remember learning much about how we took California from Mexico. I learned the general facts, but not many details. So I wrote this book partly as a way of educating myself more in-depth on the subject.

      Oh yeah, I learned about the State of Franklin in public school. As I recall, the would-be state was located in what is now northeastern Tennessee. I don’t recall why the plan was scuttled, but I’ll bet it had something to do with slavery.


      • Actually, slavery didn’t really have much to do with it. It was just your basic political power grab, kind of like today. It was in NE TN but not all the way up in the far corner because the power (and land) grab involved NC.


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