Last Dance for Lance

Some people have been missing sports during the Covid crisis, and missing watching their heroes perform. But here’s an alternate point of view from Kieran, at Kieran’s Bullshit Humor.

Kieran's Bullshit Humor

Covid-19 has forced us to replace sports with documentaries about sports. Kills time, but fucks up the betting.

ESPN played “The Last Dance”, Michael Jordan’s ode to himself, and 30 for 30’s series on Lance Armstrong practically back-to-back.

Me and most of the pendejos and fucked-up tennis players at the Third World Racquet Club agreed — Lance and Michael Jordan are basically the same person.

The same arrogant, driven, selfish, obsessed, narcissistic asshole.  You know, “champions.”

lance and michael Stole the image from here.  I don’t read Spanish, but I’m not alone in this opinion.

Both pushed themselves to the limits of physical, emotional and mental endurance. Both pushed teammates, managers and owners to the point of breaking (and beyond).  Both never got over the obsession of a typical 3-year-old to win at everything all the time.

I kept wondering when they would grow the fuck up.  Didn’t happen.

Michael is a hero…

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  • Thanks for the reblog of the Last Dance for Lance. Much appreciated.

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  • Totally agree on judging people on their character and not their achievements!

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    • Yes, and like Kieran says, who wants to be on a team with a hostile work environment, even if it does win a lot?


      • Exactly! I worked in a hostile environment before , no fun!

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        • Me too. But I found a way to make it fun by becoming a union steward. It can be a lot of fun standing up to bullies, especially when you’re holding a big stick.

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          • I am sure!
            I had a little experience with that, which is such a fun memory! My one boss who was a total. … well I will let you fill in the blank had requested that I come meet with her when I return the key. She said she wanted to talk to me. She was very mad at me for I had reported to the Dr in detail how she had treated me and the real reasons as to why I couldn’t work there anymore. So anyway I knew that she wanted to have one last shot at tearing me apart with her words, so I brought my sister along with me yes, the other half of my brain. Yes, she may have brought a briefcase with her. May have dressed professionally. I walked into my boss’s office and her eyes were blazing when she saw me. She started to speak and then stopped as my sister walked into the room. She turned to me and asked who that was. My sister didn’t use the exact word attorney, but she sure did give the impression that she was and you could see my boss’s face get even redder. She asked me for the key and then told me to leave. I said, “But you said you wanted to talk to me…” If looks could kill I would have been flat out on the floor. My sister and I started laughing as soon as we walked out the door and still laugh to this day!

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      • Wasn’t Lance in the postal service?

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  • Hey where is the wine? Someone throw me a bottle, k? who’s throwing wine? Someone’s throwing wine, aren’t they? I’m starting to feel very…too many feelings! Wine, please. Mona


  • Uhm…yeah, I got just one left. It’s a little green and fuzzy. You don’t mind, do you? Here you go! Did you get it?

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  • Excellent! Enjoy! G’night!

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  • I had the same thought that these two guys had the same attitude. On the one hand, I admire what they had achieved, and I personally had no problem with Lance taking drugs. My problem was him lying about it. I am also fascinated with people who achieve such success, knowing how much hard work was required to get to the top. And perhaps, it seems, getting there requires being obnoxious. I was a big fan of Steve Jobs, but from what I’ve read, you could probably lump him in with these two guys in terms of how obnoxious he was.

    Note: this comment was typed on my iPad, while wearing my Apple Watch, with my iPhone right next to me… )

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    • Somehow, the word “Rosebud” is echoing in my head.
      I can see how people driven to huge success would be fascinating, as well as very difficult to be around. I once had a brother-in-law who started a small tech company in the 1980s. He eventually turned it into a multi-million dollar company, and is now very, very wealthy. But in the process of getting there he got a divorce and estranged most of his children. I’m not sure how happy this has left him.
      But the ghost of Steve Jobs is probably very happy you bought all those Apple products.

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      • I wonder if these guys will have any regrets like Kane had.

        that’s a shame about your former brother-in-law; that seems like a story that happens quite frequently.

        and I have been happy with my decisions to make the family of Steve Jobs very wealthy 🙂

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