Help! Wine Catchers Wanted!

I need help catching wine. Cranky Pants has been smuggling virtual bottles of wine across the Canadian border, to Carolyn, at JoyRoses13. She does this by “tossing” them over the border, through comments she leaves on my blog. For instance, she may say in her comment: “Here’s a bottle of wine.” Then Carolyn replies: “Got it!”

But if I reply to Cranky Pants first, and write, “Got it,” then I intercept the wine bottle and prevent Carolyn from catching it. I’ve managed to intercept some of that wine over the past few weeks, but sadly most of it has been caught by Carolyn.

I fear Carolyn has become quite the oenophile, with the staggering amount of wine she has to dispose of. Also, consider how much money U.S. Customs is losing, due to all this smuggled wine. I need help interdicting this brew, and so does Customs. But most importantly, Carolyn needs help, whether she’s willing to admit it or not.

So I’m asking all my followers to be on the lookout for Cranky Pants’ comments. Whenever she says she’s tossing wine to Carolyn, please reply to her, “Got it!” before Carolyn gets the chance to reply first. In this way, we can prevent illegal and costly bootlegging, and help Carolyn defeat her wine-guzzling demon.

It takes a village to help us all survive in this world, and I’m confident volunteers from the virtual village of the internet can help in this caring campaign. Thanks in advance for your wine-catching efforts!

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  1. Carolyn, I’m tossing you some wine in case your bottle from Crankypants gets intercepted. Turns out I have a few extras. Also found Charmin TP at the grocery for the first time in 3 months–SCORE! Life is good. Reply quickly or Tippy will grab it. 🙂

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  2. I am shaking my head! I can’t believe you posted this! LOL! My eyes saw it, but my mind was saying, “ooh he didn’t!”
    BUT it may be a good thing, for now I can catch wine from Joan and CP! Thanks for the help!
    And just to clarify, I don’t have a problem! I am not an oenophile, though I don’t know what that means, but I am not! LOL!

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  3. An oenophile is a person who greatly enjoys wine and knows a lot about it; a wine lover. It’s benign, not the sort of thing where you go to meetings in a church basement and say “Hello, I’m Carolyn, and I’m an oenophile.” 🙂

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  4. Sounds like great fun, but I think I’ll just sit back and drink my own wine – and watch the rest of you try to dodge Border Patrol. With my luck if someone tossed me a bottle of wine, I’d only drop it and then cut my feet on the broken glass. At which point it would be a bit difficult to outrun the border agents. Of course, I could simply jump off the bridge and get swept over Niagara Falls, which also would prevent me from enjoying my wine.

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