Quote Stealing Recidivist

To my mind, the only possible pet is a cow. Cows love you. They will listen to your problems and never ask a thing in return. They will be your friends forever. And when you get tired of them, you can kill and eat them. Perfect. ~ Bill Bryson, Author

I once had a bullshit feature on this blog, called “Stolen Quote,” where I wrangled quotes from wise guys and gals. I then added my own little wiseass comments in an effort to udderly destroy the quotes, like a stampeding cow.

Wait. Damn. I think I’ve been reading too many of Jason Frels’ cattle tails.

I won’t hide the fact that I got tired of it, after milking this feature for many years, and I’m sure it was chapping my followers, too. But lately, some of them have forgotten about all that, and tried to lasso me into restarting the feature.

This wasn’t my first rodeo. I could resist the pressure from those clowns. But then I got to remembering how much fun it is to steal quotes, and got to imagining greener pastures. It seems the best quotes are those that have been rustled from others. Coming up with my own wise things to say just ain’t my brand.

So I’ve come to a fork in the trail, and decided to go left. It ain’t my fault though, it’s the fault of the coronavirus, because after wearing a facemask this past month I’ve grown nostalgic for my old bandit days. That’s another reason why it didn’t take much spurring from my followers to bring back Stolen Quotes.

It won’t be a dairy daily feature though, as I’m gettin’ too trailworn in my old age to carry on like that. Which is good, because no one will be saddled with too much to read. It will just be filler when I don’t have nothin’ else to post about, and I’m bored, and my wife won’t fall for my cow eyes.

So now and then expect to find some Stolen Quotes in your reader corral. This quote stealing recidivist is riding the range again. Yee-haw!


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