A Dozen Reasons to Be a Moderate

A moderate is like a rainbow, with views that include the entire spectrum of politics.

I’m not sure if I’m a liberal, conservative, or moderate. But my best guess is that I’m a moderate. My political views run the spectrum from left to right, but they tend to settle in the middle.

For instance, I’m for all the government programs anyone could ever want (liberal). But only as long as the budget is balanced (moderate). And I’m for all the tax cuts anyone could ever want (conservative). But again, only as long as the budget is balanced (moderate).

I’m for legalizing almost everything, including all the vices, such as prostitution, drugs, and gambling (liberal). But I’m also for a strong police force, to enforce those laws where those other than oneself could be harmed (conservative).

Those on the left and right like to put down us moderates. They claim we don’t stand for anything, we’re fence-sitters, and cowards. And they tell us we’re dull and uninspiring.

But I think they just want us to take a position on their side.

I’ll admit we may be all the things extremists accuse us of being. But I like being moderate. It’s like being a rose between two thorns. I vote moderate, and encourage others to do the same, because just like extremists, I try to convert people over to my side. Which is in-between both sides. So what follows are a dozen good reasons to be a moderate.

If you’re an extremist, or thinking of becoming one, please consider carefully the following benefits of being a moderate, then climb down off that limb you’re sitting on, and join me under this safe tree.

Twelve Good Reasons to Be a Moderate

  1. It’s fun to be a contrarian, rather than like everyone else, who is either on the left or the right.
  2. It avoids arguments, because nobody cares about your wishy-washy opinion.
  3. It’s safer for those of us who have a heart condition.
  4. It’s easy to answer pushy pollsters, by just telling them you’re undecided.
  5. You can avoid having the nutty neighbors that those on the left and right have to endure.
  6. According to the Buddha, the Middle Way is the way to Nirvana.
  7. You’re free to examine both sides of any issue.
  8. You can change your mind a lot.
  9. You can curse liberals one day, while praising conservatives, then curse conservatives the next day, while praising liberals.
  10. You can sell your vote to the highest bidder.
  11. You’re capable of compromise.
  12. You generally get what you want. Which is more of the same.
  13. You can choose candidates by flipping a coin. Which seems to work as well as anything else.

I know, I know, that was 13 reasons, not 12. But there was one that I couldn’t decide whether to include or throw out. Sigh, I’m such a moderate.

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  1. Thanks for bringing humor to politics which can often be so depressing!
    “Contrarian” I like that word, Number 3 is an important point. I smiled when I saw Number 13, its true, plus I was really hoping that I could say you didn’t know how to count, but then you went and explained it. Burst my balloon. LOL!

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  2. That’s an impressive list of reasons, Tippy. I really wish I could be more moderate, and I would if only my heart would stop bleeding for the poor, homeless, and disadvantaged, if only I could stop caring about pollution and global warming, if only I could accept that politics is, and will always be, a dirty and underhanded business. Alas, I am me, and thus relegated to speaking with pushy pollsters, dealing with nutty neighbors, and finding my own (left-leaning) middle way. 🙂

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  3. I’d say I was a moderate until 2000. Then the republicans went more conservative and pushed me to “the left.” Now some dems are going so far left, it’s hard to find a home. I’ve become much less worried about debt. It seems no one is willing to punish the American economy for its debt, and the dollar keeps holding its value. Hard to argue for austerity when there doesn’t seem to be any reason to suffer.

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    • Sounds to me like you’ve been moderate all along. It’s the two parties that have gone extreme on you.
      Debt always bothers me. I don’t understand how we’re getting away with it, although I’m not sure how anyone can punish us for it. It makes no sense to me, though. But perhaps that’s because I look at it from my own individual, microeconomic view, rather than from some abstract macroeconomic view.
      I sense that someday debt will bite us in the ass, when we least expect it. And I worry that most everyone will suffer greatly for it.


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