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Some Cranky Tattoo Questions

Cranky Pants has submitted a Unicorn Beam, for our consideration. She’s emailed three pictures of tattoos on her arms, along with some questions about her tattoos.

The first picture has two quotes. On her left arm is tattooed the quote “A work in progress”, and on her right arm is the quote “Hope is a good thing”, as you can see, below:

These are stenciled, unfinished tattooes, so I guess they’ll look more artistic after she’s endured more torture from her ink specialist.

The “A work in progress” quote relates to a tattoo on the other side of her left arm, which you can see in the following picture:

The “Hope is a good thing” quote is actually a partial quote from Cranky’s favorite movie ever. It relates to the tattoo on the other side of her right arm, which you can see in the following picture:

Cranky’s questions are as follows:

What do the quotes say?
My answer: Well, that’s obvious, Cranky. We know how to read. And we can translate them for Carolyn.

What do they mean?
My answer: Umm, that’s not so obvious. This will require some navel-gazing and postulation.

Do you know where (or what movie) the “Hope is a good thing” quote comes from?
My answer: Hmmm. Hmmm. Some hummingbird movie, I guess.

So this is our homework. These are our questions. Cranky wants to know. Or at least, she wants to know if we know. I’ve provided my responses, so now it’s your turn. Put on your thinking cap and give her some good, well-thought-out, smartass answers.
And you might include warnings about the dangers of tattoos, and why it’s never a good idea to get tattooed, and that you’re stuck with it forever, and all that jazz. But really, it’s too late. The poor lady has already been tagged with permanent ink.

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  1. Yeaaah – I have no answers to Cranky’s questions. I can never guess the motivations of others.

    As for tattoos – life has left me with many without me resorting to ink …. scars, age marks, stretch marks, wrinkles ….

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  2. HI CP! I have to say I love the hummingbird. Always liked hummingbirds. My daughter has flowers as her tattoos,she should have a humming bird on one. LOL! I

    I am guessing that your other tattoo is one of paint brushes painting. 🙂

    I think your quote about “A work in progress” goes well with that. We all are a work in progress. Of course some more than others! Some I worry about, one in particular right now, who shall remain nameless, TIPPY! I know you have tried so hard Gibber! So is that what your quote means, reminding you that Tippy is a work in progress and to not give up? Ahh! And that would explain your other quote as well, “Hope is a good thing!” It is definitely needed in Tippy’s case, isn’t it! What a good friend you are to keep hoping! Keep it up and I will keep trying to help you. 🙂 Sure am glad I was able to READ your great quotes!

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  3. I agree with Carolyn. I like the hummingbird explanation. We have a hummingbird feeder, and you’re right–they fight ferociously for the territory. They really fight over the feeder.
    So, what’s the movie that inspired this tattoo?

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  4. Hepatitis — is the one word answer to all your questions. Colored skin worth a damaged liver? I prefer to damage my liver the old fashioned way — tequila, beer and fatty foods. Good luck with your ink. I hope all the potential infections stay at bay.

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  5. After much navel-gazing and postulation, and kicking these tattoos around with other commentators, I have come to the following conclusions:

    We are all a work in progress, much like the beautiful abstract tattoo with the paintbrushes, on Cranky’s left arm.

    And hope is a good thing, if we’re willing to fight like the hummingbird on Cranky’s right arm, for the things that are important to us. We can’t always get what we want, but even then there are often satisfying alternatives. But only if we’re willing to let go of narrow desires and broaden our possibilities. When we accept that there are many ways to skin a cat, hope becomes meaningful and good.

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