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Following Up On A Slithery Friend Question

Today, Cranky Pants needed help, and asked us for our wise advice. And we all pitched in for her. Thank you very much, I knew I could count on you! ๐Ÿ™‚

It appears Cranky has tackled her issue, using the advice she received today. Hereโ€™s a message she sent me, to follow up:

Hey Tippy,

Hubby and I talked two nights ago about it. He finally saw that this was not a situation where people pleasing was good. For that I’m grateful. He hates confrontations but sometimes they are necessary. I don’t like them either, but the relief they bring after is worth it. Most of the time. So I felt free to confront her.

I messaged said customer and told her that while I was sorry she was having a hard time, that I needed her to either keep her appointments or at very least let me know when she wasn’t coming. I told her that it happens with her often and that it causes a lot of stress. Not to mention I’m spending my time waiting for her and missing out on getting things done that I need to do.

Her response: I’m sorry.

I was thinking inside it’s what I always hear, and that’s not enough anymore. Actions speak louder than words. I did not say this to her.

Fast forward to yesterday after the confrontation. She said she’d come on her way to work. She worked at 2:30 pm. I said great. See you then.

So she must have thought I expected her sooner. Around 1 pm she messages me and tells me she’s leaving now. I appreciated that. Her trip should take no more than 20 mins. from where she was coming.

An hour in she gets her. I’m frustrated and feeling sick with my own health at the time.ย  But at least she comes and I can get the exchange over with.

In the exchange, she owed me two dollars. Two dollars is nothing to me but, given the circumstances it’s the principle of it. I didn’t ask for it or mention it at all. I wanted to see if she’d step up.
She did not.

I’m letting it go as you’ve got to pick your battles.

So here’s where I’m leaving things. If she does want to buy from us again, fine. If she’s doesn’t stick with the boundaries I’ve set now, then I will no longer sell to her.

Thank you so much all you wise readers of Tippy the wise for all the suggestions you passed along. I loved reading every one of them.

If you ever have a problem, Tippy‘s blog is the one to ask. It will be solved! I promise. It’s better than Google!

Thank you Tippy for letting me use your blog and draw from it’s wisdom.

Youโ€™re the best!
A less Cranky CrankyPants

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