Bread of Life

Today we start a new decade. 10 is a nice, round number that’s easy to work with. So, with my limited math skills, I like to divide my life into decades. Sometimes I like to look back, decennium to decennium, and see how my life has changed.

And the change is always dramatic. My life circumstances 10 years ago are much different than now. And with each 10-year increment, remembering backward, I find more great differences.

The philosophies I live by are also very different. They’ve constantly and imperceptibly metamorphosed, day-after-day, to adjust to my gradually changing life. From yesterday to today, there’s not much difference. But from 10 years ago, there’s been a sea change. That doesn’t invalidate the way I guided my life a decade ago. It only means that I’ve had to change my ways, ever-so-slightly, day-to-day, to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of life.

Thus, I’ve concluded that there is no one guiding philosophy for life that can survive the test of time. We must change, and keep changing, to adjust, correct, and compensate for the viscous foundation we stand upon. As our lives change, so must our perceptions and philosophies.

It seems to me that the philosophies you and I live by today have never been used before. They may resemble philosophies of the past, but there are subtle differences. Life as we once knew it is not the life we know today, nor will it ever be again. And so we’ve had to make adjustments.

And as we progress through this new decade, we’ll have to keep adjusting.

But I wonder what drives the adjustment process. How does this miracle occur that enables us to adapt to each new, changing day? Is it inspiration from a higher source? Is it cues we receive from others? Or is it reflection, from the meditation of our own minds?

Whatever it is, be it deified, social, or innate, or perhaps all three, I believe it’s absolutely essential that we never lose touch with it. Especially if it seems to be working. For this is the source of our philosophy.

This, I believe, is our bread of life.

Happy New Year. And may the bread of life you consume this year, and this decade, be abundant and delicious.

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  1. Not really TG as that’s the way I buy it. Of course what I put on the bread can certainly impact change in positive and negative ways. Somebody we both know (who shall remain nameless) puts “nutter fluffing butter” (or something that sounds similar) on her bread! Go figure eh?

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  2. Someone is awake this morning. Very good insights to think about!As for what drives our adjustment process, I agree that its a combination of all three, and yes you are wise, we should never lose touch with all three. As long as we do that then we are starting the year off on the right foot! And now to help me start today off well I need coffee, being that some people were awake to watch the New Year come in! 🙂

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  3. I think change is eternal. And sort of a philosophy itself. I think I have changed a lot over the years, to the point where I barely remember what I used to think or why. Five, ten years from now: what then? Hard to say. But looking forward to the ride.

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    • I like your attitude. It is a ride. Sometimes fun, sometimes scary, and sometimes crazy. There’s always something new and unexpected waiting just around the bend.


  4. Interesting. Maybe it’s my own ignorance, but I don’t feel that constant turn of change. I feel slight modifications… It’s probably just our gut biome changing as we age and adjusting our minds to their needs… As for new philosophies — those are just subtle changes on the old ones. Not a lot of movement since Plato – Aristotle debate…

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