When The Mail Stopped

I parked at my house to take a little nap, before starting my rounds. By the time I woke up I could barely drive the streets without slipping and sliding, and had to return to the post office with most of the mail undelivered.

This photo was taken on the morning of December 17, 2008, after my little town in the Mojave Desert had received about two inches of snow. Ten more inches fell that day.

No one at the post office had ever bothered to check our snow chains to see if they would fit the tires. And they didn’t fit. Mail delivery was canceled for two days, until we could finally get the correct chains.

When we returned to work, we had a high mountain of mail and parcels to climb, and put in many hours of overtime to catch up.

Heavy snows like this are very rare for our area, but some weather reports are predicting the possibility of up to 11 inches falling overnight.

We’ll see.

Meantime, have a Merry Christmas. And if it isn’t white, just look at this photo and enjoy vicariously. And be glad you don’t have to use your shovel.

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  1. I never knew you were a postal worker. That, perhaps, explains a few things …

    When I was in DC, I was amazed that the city basically shut down on an inch or two of snow and ice. But then I realized that cities which don’t normally receive snow have neither the equipment nor the expertise to deal with it. I was so used to salted roads, snowplows, and snowtires that it simply never occurred to me that wouldn’t be the case elsewhere.

    So – Did you have a white Christmas? We did not. I missed it some, but did enjoy driving to my daughter’s house in nearly 50 degree weather, and not having to bundle up myself as well as the gifts.

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