Reconquering California

It’s been a few months since my Conquering California series of posts. This was a history about how illegal immigrants from America took California from Mexico. Remember? I know, it’s hard. I barely recall it myself.

But now I’ve rewritten history. I proofread all of those posts and made some corrections and other revisions. And I put them all together with some Gorilla glue, and transmogrified them into a small book.

I gave Conquering California a Creative Commons license, and am now distributing it free of charge to any sucker interested person who is willing to take the time to read it. So in case you were sleeping while you read all those posts this summer, here’s another chance to read Conquering California. And to take more naps.

You can find it in PDF format, by clicking on the Free Bookstore page, at the top of this blog. Or, just click any link in this post, entitled Conquering California. You’ll have to search hard for these Conquering California links, because I buried them in inconspicuous places. But I’m sure you’ll find them eventually. Conquering California.

If you decide to reconquer California, by rereading Conquering California, I hope you’ll enjoy the convenience and ease of this book format. And don’t forget, you can also go to, and find this and some other propaganda I’ve penned, all free of charge.

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