Alternate Self

Christina has a blog I follow which is called, um, um, oh for fuck’s sake, I can’t remember. It’s a mix of humor and serious stuff. This particular post though, is deadly serious. If you’ve ever had a problem with alcohol, or know someone who does, you might be able to relate to it.

Oh, For Fuck's Sake

I sat next to myself as a man, slowly dying and afraid.

photo credit: Hilary Swift for The New York Times

This won’t be a typical post. This is the account of an event having a significant effect on me; an encounter I won’t forget.

For those that read my blog often, you know that I post on various social media platforms. To preserve the privacy of the family involved, I will only share on Twitter and will omit names. Our connections across other media, as friends, may otherwise compromise issues. I would hate for them to stumble across this in that manner. Still, I’m so deeply moved I need to do something with it.

As a notary public, I’m occasionally requested for signing appointments. When I first obtained my notary, I imagined I would travel to sign clients in their homes. I had worked in real estate for several…

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