Send Her Back

I hate politics, so I’ll try to keep this short.

“Send Her Back” is racist, fascist, and fucking frightening, in my opinion. Yet at a Trump rally yesterday in North Carolina, throngs of white Trump supporters chanted this, while Trump stood silently for 13 seconds, allowing this chant to build to crescendo. Trump is lying when he says he discouraged this, and “spoke quickly” when it began. He stood silently for 13 seconds. It’s all in the video.

I once thought white supremacists comprised just a tiny fraction of nuts in the American population. How wrong I was. Apparently there’s a lot of ‘em out there. And with Trump’s recent overt and blatant racist statements, I cannot help but suspect that anyone who continues to support Trump is a fucking white supremacist racist.

And right now, that’s at least 35% of our population.

I don’t like it. This is scary shit.

Could this become our new flag?

What will be next? A revival of the KKK? A legitimizing of the Neo-Nazi party?

Where the hell is all this leading to?

Let’s hope it leads to the Republican Party rejecting and abandoning Trump. And let’s hope it leads to Trump’s removal from office just as soon as possible. And let’s hope our country will quickly heal from these most recent wounds in our race relationships.

Hope. That seems to be all we have left, anymore.

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  1. I can’t like this post, TG. I’m scared too. I can’t believe that we as humans can be so hateful and so easily led by yet another conman. I hate having my rose-coloured glasses ripped off of my face in this manner.

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    • Yeah, it’s surreal. I’ve heard it said there’s a little bit of Nazi in all of us, and not just the Germans. All it takes is the right combination of ignorance and charismatic leadership to draw it out. This appears to be the case in our country right now. It’s scary, indeed.

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  2. I’m hoping as well. The only good news is that we have been through this before. George Wallace, McCarthy and Plessy v Ferguson decision come to mind. It’s just sad that we have to work so hard just to beat this shit again…

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  3. Trump can’t get impeached soon enough! The KKK sickens me! It is very scary and sad. We gotta hold onto Hope and keep standing up for what is right. There is always hope, even when its hard to see!
    My whole family loved Vancouver, may just have to flee there if things get worse!

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  4. Put a blue swastika image on a white background with a red surround, and you have a very scary US flag. There is no place in a Christian, Moslem, Hindu or any other society for a culture that elevates itself above the rest. Practicing Christianity while preaching discrimination (“Hate your next door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace” – excerpt from “Eve of Destruction”) is an insult to humanity, and those involved should be ashamed of themselves.

    “DUMP TRUMP” should be the current slogan. He is a total waste of time as he spouts vote-getting drivel while looking after himself and his wealthy supporters. If only his “average American” supporters would take the time to verify his claims … then they too would realize where his priorities are!

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    • His supporters often claim that they don’t care that he lies. They say they just like that he fights Democrats. I don’t think that’s true. I think it’s minorities they like to see him fighting. This is just slightly veiled racism.

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  5. I was appalled this morning when I saw the video. The Republican Party should be ashamed for not reining in this monster a long time ago.
    I’m sorry but a crowd doesn’t just randomly decide to start chanting “send her back”. This was planted. Guess by whom 😡

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  6. thanks for this awareness, Tippy!
    i’m fasting from media coverage empowering the age of tRump.
    sad how quickly we are brainwashed by the koolaid of fear & hate.
    unless there’s a visible effort or movement by the other side
    i’m afraid we’re all being sent back
    to the dark ages 🙂
    ps i’ll make time to look at your CA history posts soon.

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    • i can see how watching the news
      can give one an appetite for fasting from it.
      and perhaps by eating lite
      one can remain in the light
      and avoid the dark ages


  7. Honestly dude, I think it’s time you Americans came to grips with the fact that you are the most racist nation on Earth. No one else is close. I’m not trying to be mean, but I think you have to rationalize the dark stuff in your politics in order to turn it, heat it up, and batter the hell out of it with a large iron hammer until it’s been made into something beautiful. Something that flies. Get on it!

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    • We could be the most racists, but I’m not sure we’re the most bigoted. Look at the Middle East, and how they kill each other over religious differences. And consider other areas of the world, where they routinely kill each other over political differences. Or the way different tribes in Africa fight each other, just because they each think their own tribe is superior. Most racist? Maybe. Most bigoted? Not hardly. Not in my view.


      • Nah. I’ve been to those places. I spend a lot of time there and I’m much more comfortable in many of those places than I am in the States anymore. Things have changed. Plus, I get more scared of religious intolerance in the States than just about anywhere I’ve been. As for tribes fighting each other… you guys had a fairly big tribal fight many years ago.

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