King Spam

Yesterday we played the Silly Spam Game. I challenged my followers who were pre-approved commenters to make silly comments that my spam filter might catch. Thank you to all who tried their hand at spamming. Unfortunately, only one succeeded.

Colin, from A Dog’s Life? (Stories of me and him) created the perfect mix of spam, with a comment that looked sort of like something from a mad Russian hacker. And my spam filter grabbed that comment and stuffed it deep into its hidden spam dungeon.

Colin is King Spam!

And so, Colin, you are the winner. Today I crown you King Spam.


A runner-up who I think merits mention is the Nowhere Tribune. He created a comment that consisted of three successive links to his blog. My spam filter didn’t quite stop it, but I did have to approve his comment before it would appear.

And so, Nowhere Tribune, you came in second. I crown you Viceroy of Spam.


Joyroses13, nrhatch, and Gibber, thanks for trying so hard. But it looks like you’ll have to eat more spam to improve your spamming skills.

And me too, because try as I may, I couldn’t even spam myself.

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  1. The King of Spam must be still writing his acceptance speech. Hopefully he remembers give thanks to all who helped him achieve this crowning moment!
    Congrats to the Viceroy of Spam!
    I will be like Nancy and try to handle the disappointment, will just crawl back into the little corner of my hole and mope!

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    • Yes, where is the the king? I suppose we lowly subjects will have to wait, because nobody tells the King of Spam when to make an appearance.

      Aww, I’m very sorry you didn’t win. But you did get a mention, and personally I have no problem with everyone getting a trophy. But if you’re not the King of Spam you have to go out and buy your own trophy, at the grocery store.

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  2. Ещё одно фото, наделавшее много шума. Эта девочка как-то не естественно отодвинула или приподняла рукой шортики

    фота ебли с гимнаской смотреть, откровенное фото смотреть анальный фистинг с голой гимнасткой

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