Cranky Pants Battling Autoimmune Disease

I know a Canadian lady with autoimmune disease. Her name is Cranky Pants. She’s cranky, because she’s in constant pain and discomfort from this disabling and difficult disease. And she wears pants. And even her dog has autoimmune disease. And her dog is also cranky.

Cranky has started her own YouTube channel, where she talks about this disease, and invites discussion. If you have autoimmune disease, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, IBD, or any of the others (heck there’s about 80 of them), or if you suspect you may have this health condition, I think you’ll find Cranky’s YouTube channel informative.

Cranky is nice, fun, and helpful, in spite of the name she’s given herself. You can check out her channel and see for yourself, by watching her latest video, below:

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  1. She may call herself crankypants, and she has reason to be cranky, but definitely not cranky! Kudos to her for speaking up and giving a voice to others out there who suffer with chronic pain. My nephew is dealing with it right now and has grown so weary with the Dr games as they try to find out exactly what is wrong with him and how to treat it.
    Like you said there are soooo many autoimmune diseases out there, trying to find exactly which ones are causing the problems is tough!
    Wishing her the best as she fights this disease and fights the battle for pain relief!
    I am also thinking that I may have “met” her before?? Hmmm…. 🙂

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    • Your poor nephew. There seems to be no cure for autoimmune disease, so even if it gets accurately diagnosed, they can only treat the symptoms. And I think that sometimes the treatment is probably worse than doing nothing at all.

      Cranky Pants leaves comments once in a while on my blog, so you really might have “met” her before.

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      • Yes, with all the medical advances we have made, its sad that not more can be done for autoimmune disorders.
        Ahh! Yes, I thought I had “met” Cranky Pants before and I think its great that she has her sense of humor and sass to help her deal with her pain.Definitely helps to keep one sane! 🙂

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    • I’m “CrankyPants.” Thank you and I’m sorry your nephew has this battle. It took years for me to get sort of answers. Tell him not to give up. Eventually he will find a Doc that’s not clueless.

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  2. Except for the word “Canadian” that first paragraph could have been about me and Puppy Cody (who shares digestive problems with me). Glad to see that Gibber hasn’t lost her sense of humor amid all that discomfort. Sometimes humor is all that keeps us going.

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    • Cranky Pants has gone through the wringer, with RA, so there’s a good chance you’ll learn a lot from her YouTube blog. Or at least receive some commiseration. Good luck with your health battles.


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