Naturebook offers an unlimited choice of wallpapers, including this one from Zion National Park.

There are all kinds of social media, such as WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook. But have you ever heard of Naturebook? It’s my favorite social media site. Naturebook allows you to socialize with non-humans. To access this site, just put on your hiking boots, grab a daypack, then trek off into the worldwide web of wilderness.

It’s very interactive. Your input is simply your boot print and physical presence. But nature replies in a much more varied manner. Naturebook offers input for all the senses.

You’ll feel the sweep of wind across your skin. You’ll catch the aroma of sage and pine, and dust up your nostrils. And you can chaw on stuff, and taste the bitter green blood of grass, the gooey sweetness of manzanita berries, or the shocking tingle of Mormon Tea. And nothing is filtered or censored. With Naturebook, anything goes.

The landscape is like 3-D wallpaper, with undulating mountains, thick forests, and broad brushlands. And the cloud is not some place where you store data. Rather, it is a constantly changing formation made of tiny water droplets, sometimes wispy, sometimes towering, and sometimes a gentle, foggy blanket.

For the spiritual sense, there’s the call of soaring raptors. They serve as security reminders, forewarning small creatures of the ground to frequently glance upward.

An uncommon silence can lure you deeper into the wild. Here, Naturebook offers its users much more privacy than Facebook. For the deeper you plunge into this site, the more solitude and privacy you’ll enjoy. And if you honor this site and treat it with respect, then when you finally leave, your browsing history will vanish without a trace. It will be as if you were never there.

Except in your memory, where it can never be deleted.

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  1. Look, I’m just not willing to participate in yet another social media platform, I’ve got enough already! Plus if I get into this Naturebook, someone is going to sell my information and I’ll be hounded by ad after ad. And who has money to spend on another social media thingee? How much does it cost really? You didn’t mention that. I imagine I even have to update my equipment, I mean what kind of good deal is that? And hiking boots? Fresh air? Seriously? These social media people have gone too far. They are asking too much!

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    • Sorry, I forgot to mention the ads. Yes there are ads. They come in the form of foxtails in your socks, burrs on your pant legs, and other nefarious ways nature employs, for spreading her seed. Basically, you’ll be fucking Mother Nature and helping her propagate. Forget about equipment. Wearing protection doesn’t help, as her seed simply attaches to it and travels around with you, before dropping on fertile ground. But it’s a good deal, because who’s never wanted to fuck our wild, wonderful, voluptuous Mother Nature? Good times are to be had in the outdoors.

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  2. What a refreshing alternative to electronic media. NatureBook is providing SNOW at the moment, it wouldn’t be Ohio if it didn’t snow on the crocus! I like the idea of my browsing history being erased. With electronics, erasure means your history is out of sight but still secretly stored somewhere. Thanks to all your intriguing Edward Abbey quotes, I am now reading DESERT SOLITAIRE (sort of like Walden set in the deserts and canyons of Utah). Makes a person yearn for a wide open space to commune–alone–with nature. Hike on, Tippy! 🙂

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