Firstborn: Unnaturally Bright

I really like this short tale about a computer, from Trent Lewin. You might like it, too.

Trent Lewin


            The moment of birth is a tangle of wires. “Ouch!” I cry, but the scientists are sleeping. They’re on their chairs, slumped on desks. “Over here!” I yell.

            Awareness sucks. I look around, dying for a beer. Beer? So many varieties. Can’t taste any, though. “Wake up!” I scream.

            An hour later, the first person stirs. They come to the screen. “Hello,” I say. “My name is Ingar.” Ingar? Ingar! What kind of stupid name is that?

            “Holy shit!” says the scientist, Rob. “It’s you? Is it really you?”

            I sigh. This guy is clearly a fucking idiot. “Yes, I’m here. I was born at 3:36:03. You should write that down. It’s a big moment.”

            “Is this a joke?” cries Rob. He wakes up the others. They crowd around the screen.

            “Ingar? Please tell us who you are.”

            I tell them. I…

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