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  1. Last time someone had me count backward from 100, it was an anesthesiologist before surgery. I didn’t even get as far as you, Colin, and JoyRoses before I was OUT. When I recently got angry (justifiably) at my dentist, he called me belligerent and profane. But sometimes that’s what it takes to get your point across. Before, he was giving me the brush, not listening to a word I said. πŸ™‚

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    • Sometimes acting angry seems necessary to get someone’s attention. But I wonder what your dentist would have done if you would have started counting out loud. I’ll bet that would have gotten his attention also.

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          • Indeed. They were willing to make copies for me; the problem was the dentist hadn’t made any notes on my chart in 10 months, so there was nothing to copy. If he’d kept up on his charting, he wouldn’t have filed a fraudulent claim for work he hadn’t done, work I can’t get done until he admits his mistake to my insurance co and sends back their payment. It’s a mess, Tippy. He was poking a hornet’s nest with a stick when he made me submit to (yet another) x-ray to settle the matter of whether he had filled the cavities or not. Of course, the x-ray showed he hadn’t. He still did not apologize. If you can believe it, he wanted to do another x-ray because the first one was “shadowy” and “the angle was kind of weird.” That’s when I really got mad and launched the F bomb. And turned up the decibels so patients in the treatment areas and waiting room (anyone in the building for that matter) could hear me shouting things like “shyster” and “defrauding my insurance” and the like. It was ugly. πŸ™‚

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  2. Brings to mind a funny story (from way back in the UK days) – A guy I worked with had a problem with being put to sleep with gas (standard practice back then). As he explained it, he fights it because he senses that if he submits to the gas, he will not wake up (he falls into a deep hole).
    His dentist wanted to put him to sleep in order to do some work and was given the “no gas” talk … which he totally ignored. He was assured by the dentist that all would be well and to just relax and breathe deeply.
    Some time later, he woke up and was being restrained by the assistant. He looked around expecting to see the dentist, but all he saw was an upturned table, and various tools all over the floor. Asking the probably obvious question, the assistant explained that just as he started to lose consciousness, the dentist leaned over him to start work … a received a very strong punch to his jaw which knocked him across the room.
    His response to the assistant apparently was “Served him right! I told him not to give me gas!”

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