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  1. I say go with common sense, live and let live. My own conscience is stricter than our laws, and what is customary is often outdated and/or nonsensical. We think if we can just nail things down with mandates, it will solve everything. In truth, laws make more work… ferreting out loopholes and enforcement. And stupidity laws (like those that require lawnmower manufacturers to caution users against using the mower to trim bushes, or hairdryer makers to warn us against using the appliance in the shower, etc) should be banished. If you haven’t got enough common sense to figure those out, let Darwinism take care of eliminating you. 🙂

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    • Common sense covers a lot. Maybe laws are geared toward those who have a shortage of it. The laws of natural selection can take care of those without common sense also, but it sure takes a long time for such laws to work out their enforcement mechanism.

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