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  1. So Abbey is saying the man is lucky, the dog, not so much. Just think of all the things dogs give up to live in a human home, be our companions. They get a lot of things, too, I don’t mean to downplay that, but they have to live with our constant micromanaging of their affairs. We control their food (what kind, how much, when it is served), their access to the outdoors and thus, their elimination habits, where they are allowed to sit or sleep, the wearing of a collar and leash, etc. They are expected to follow commands, resist delicious-smelling things sticking out the top of grocery bags, not sniff the butts of visitors, be quiet during our favorite TV show. I wrote a poem about it (a parody of Charles Kingsley’s Young and Old) from the perspective of an old dog as he explains co-existence with humans to a new puppy:


    Your Alpha days are past, kid
    the humans run the show
    You’ll learn their lingo fast, kid
    like SIT and STAY and NO!
    Just eat what’s in your dish, kid
    Don’t tango with the cat
    It’s collar, tag, and leash, kid
    and now and then, a bath

    Still, you’ve got it made, kid
    Wholeheartedly, I’ll vouch
    You’ll wake up in their bed, kid
    and nap upon their couch
    A life of lavish toys and treats,
    long walks and belly rubs
    Domestication’s awful-sweet
    That’s the paradox of love

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  2. Since this post is about dogs and us humans I have to share something that literally just happened. I am sitting in the couch rubbing my Sheltie’s stomach with my foot. They do have us trained, for if I stop, she will touch my foot with her paw to get it moving again.
    The other thing is that my husband put on one of his CD’s and Lassie put her head up and started barking. I jokingly told him that she didn’t like his CD. She kept it up and so he put on one of my CD’s, which he likes too, he was just in the mood for something rockier. Well she put her head down and stopped barking when my CD started playing. My win for the day! LOL!

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