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  1. Hmmm….. devil backwards is lived!

    Plato raises a good point though because, even if we defy the laws of physics. That does not confirm a dream vs reality, because debating the laws of physics could be part of our dream. I could refuse to pay any more taxes in a dream; and go to jail as a result … in a dream. What power we have in our mental ability to create dreams … or are we simply creating an alternative reality?

    This then poses the question that if we are living in a dream, then who cares whether we are here by divine intervention or by a collection of volatile gases getting together? In fact, if we cannot tell the difference between a dream and “not a dream” … then let’s call it the reality and be done with it. Thx Plato … wasn’t there more important stuff for you contemplate back then?

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    • Reality may make sense, but I’ve seen a lot of reality that I’ve had to ponder at length about, in order to make sense of it. Yeah Plato is a real mind-bender. Read him with a bottle of aspirin nearby.

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  2. Tippy, you and colinandray really need to get together and create a podcast. It would certainly help people who have trouble falling asleep to quickly slip into a dreamstate. And dream your podcast with words that are backwards.

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  3. Well I sure hope that my dreams are only dreams or I could be in some hot water and like my most recent dream peeing in front of a bunch of people while desperately trying to get some privacy.

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