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  1. So true. Love means different things at different life stages. When you’re young, love is all smoochy-smoochy and racy undergarments. When you’re old, it’s helping each other find their glasses and not minding when they fart. No wonder those loving feelings can be fickle. πŸ™‚

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    • Yes, and it IS a feeling. That’s the whole point. Feelings are ephemeral. They come and go, and fluctuate up and down. So love can’t be some sort of steady thing that lasts eternally, in spite of what so many romanticists claim.

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    • Right. And besides, love is a feeling. No feeling lasts forever. But when your love fades for someone, it doesn’t mean it can’t return. It just means that at that moment you’re not all that enthralled with that person.

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